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Firefox Lorentz/OOPP project coordination: 2010-01-13

Checklist I: turn on OOPP by default in mozilla-central (bug tree)

  • cjones: bug 516759 - multi-process crash reporting
  • bsmedberg: bug 539048 - temporary UI for submitting crash reports
  • alice/releng: deploy bug 529137 - Talos clean up child processes
  • bent: bug 521377 - races with NPObjects
  • bent: bug 535036 - focus hangs with flash (and only flash!)
  • dolske: bug 535090 - mozilla-runtime not executable
  • karlt: bug 538914 - crash resizing flash [@XChangeProperty]

Schedule: Friday (15-January)?

Checklist II: release a beta1 of Lorentz (bug tree)

  • bsmedberg: bug 518924 - NPN_Timer
  • joduinn (lsblakk?): bug 536188 - Project branch/builds for Lorentz
  • jimm: bug 536369 - Right-clicking flash context menu in wrong location
  • jimm: bug 538902 - Flash context menu requires double selection
  • gavin (dolske?): bug 538910 - Need a real plugin-crashed UI
  • jimm: bug 538918: "print" in the flash context menu locks up Firefox
  • bsmedberg et al: backport to Lorentz branch

Schedule: Thursday 21-Jan sounds wildly optimistic for handoff to RelEng

Unresolved Issues

Plugin Process/Launching

  • if we keep XPCOM in the plugin process for now, we need to at least stop doing any significant component registration and just use the static components from libxul
  • if we *don't* keep XPCOM, we need to implement that ASAP, bug 516515
  • Synchronous startup is bad! Now that we've refactored objectloadingcontent a bit, can we introduce a state for "asynchronously loading"? bug 522573

NPAPI Compatibility

What pieces of NPAPI are not yet implemented? Need to do an audit and forward the remaining pieces.

Security Review

bsmedberg needs to schedule a security review, or multiple. This may best be done in-person.

Version Numbering and Updates

Want to use the Firefox 3.6 beta community (600k+) to test once we're ready. This may not be beta1. Can we present this as a major or minor update to these users as needed?


We should implement a whitelist/blacklist so that we have flexibility to decide to turn OOPP on only for Flash, or disable for Java, or whatever. What should we key the list on, plugin filename? Filed bug 539063