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  • Features/concerns from the list
    • Windows issues: hang on print and other dialogs, fullscreen hulu
    • Linux issues: compiz problems, GTK 2.18+
    • Project branch, does not need downtime bug 536188
    • UI issues, design resolved? Does it require privacy-policy changes or other notifications? Should post details publicly for comment soon.
    • Racing destructors, bug 532208 requires IPDL discard or something... thoughts? Implement manually for now?
    • Whitelist/blacklist?

Plugin Process/Launching

  • if we keep XPCOM in the plugin process for now, we need to at least stop doing any significant component registration and just use the static components from libxul
  • if we *don't* keep XPCOM, we need to implement that ASAP, bug 516515
  • Synchronous startup is bad! Now that we've refactored objectloadingcontent a bit, can we introduce a state for "asynchronously loading"? bug 522573
  • But certain web features require it, such as access to window.java and (sometimes/maybe?) scripting plugins immediately after they are inserted into a document. Details/discussion in bug 517962

Resolution: We will not attempt to do asynchronous launching of plugins for Lorentz... there are too many unknowns about web site behavior, and we don't have enough time to pull it off well. We will try to remove XPCOM startup from the plugin child launch (after on-by-default).