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  • billm is writing blog post about e10s
  • billm is working on session store, which should land soon, and content scripts
  • dvander says software compositor is feature complete, but has test issues
  • evilpie finished findbar
  • felipe says form autocomplete is feature complete, but has races
  • markh has all but 200 browser tests running. Many are blocked by tab race bug 919878.
  • billm discussed frame script loading with smaug, but smaug does not want the platform changes. Front-end will need workarounds?
  • Major issues that would affect dogfood users:
    • Windows copy/paste
    • Pin Tab
    • Drag/drop?
    • window.close()
    • alert()
    • General focus manager issues
    • mixed content blocking flags

Next Actions

  • billm to publish his blog post
  • billm (or dvander?) to debug tab race bug 919878
  • dvander to work on software compositor tests
  • evilpie to continue investigating Video Download Helper addon
  • felipe to investigate form autocomplete race and review evilpie's zoom patches
  • markh to finish remaining test infrastructure (~3 weeks) and hand off to A-Team?