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  • Bug 999239 - Almost done, fighting test failures
  • Working on tests for bug 1068087 on the side


  • Misc. webrtc work I had is now complete, back on e10s full time.
  • pdf.js changes merged to github, some issues with the stand-alone extension worked out this week. Final merge from github to mc is finally under way (bug 942707) and should land today. After which I have a couple of follow ups to land that hook e10s support up to browser and enable tests. If all goes well we should have pdf.js support by Monday.
  • M2 bug 1068199 (disable e10s when hardware accel is disabled) - landed on inbound.
  • M3 bug 863512 (thumbnails) - wip, still not quite ready.
  • M3 bug 1066381 (infinite loop in content process prevents tabs from painting) - started digging into this after a good discussion this week with billm, blassey, davidp. v1 will involve adding a spinner on tabs that can't paint and maybe offer the user a chance to kill offending scripts.
  • Filed bug 1069471 on enabling more bc tests for linux, mac, win. Will look at getting this done next week.https://e10s.etherpad.mozilla.org/meeting-notes


  • I'm in SF this week - did TRIBE, hence my lack of activity the last two days
  • M2: Bug 1047603 - [e10s] Non-remote tabs in e10s windows do not handle target="_blank" or window.open links properly.
    • Caused bug 1067164, and had to be backed out
    • Alternative solution posted, with regression test
  • M3: Bug 899347 - Make click-to-play work in e10s
    • The big chunks of this patch have landed! But, click-to-play is still busted due to my fix for the intermittent orange that was blocking it in the first place. *sigh*
      • I have a fix in the works - Bug 1069567 - [e10s] Make sure remote browser contentPrincipals are not CPOWs
    • I probably introduced an intermittent orange as well (bug 1069075) - lovely.
  • M3: Bug 1065785 - Use session restore to reload crashed tabs
    • Have a tentative plan on how to do this - been in talks with ttaubert and smacleod on how to architect it

allison (:ally)

  • m2: awful hacky ime bug: ended up needing it, got r+
    • then billm landed a slightly less awful version, thank you billm
  • did some browser reviews for felipe
  • working on digging into to addons 25
  • of the 27 on list, 6 have possibility & require further digging
    • qa got me the rest of the testing last week
  • working with a couple addon authors to get their addons up to snuff
    • NoScript needs to do a massive merge of two code bases anyway, but has promised to let me know if sees any apis he'd really like
  • people stuff: ckitching's last week, wrapping up mentoring, getting evaluated as a mentor