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  • M4 - bug 1090444 - The Printing Progress dialog does not show progress or close when opened from the child process
  • bug 1085622 - "Enable E10S (multi-process)" preference checkbox should not be displayed in Aurora's about:preferences
    • Fixed - expedited because of devedition
    • Luckily, this caught an ifdef timebomb that would have broken Beta after the next uplift.
  • bug 1089815 - Printing and print preview from view source will be broken when {{bug|1082575 lands
    • Fixed! It turns out, <xul:browser>'s need to have type="content", or "content-primary", or "content-targetable" in order to get message managers. Go figure.
  • bug 984821 - Intermittent browser_CTP_iframe.js | Test 1, Waited too long for the overlay to become invisible.
    • Started investigations at RyanVM's request, since this is a click-to-play intermittent that got much, much worse after my e10s work landed.


  • Reviews done: 6
  • M4 Template:Vug closed
  • bug 1080212 - probe for errors in js addon compartment
    • patch catches & prints errors from addon compartments
    • Lightbeam throws once for each new page
    • ADP during a 20 min session did not throw at all (cnn, foxnews, techcrunch)
    • attachement on bug if you want to play