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  • Hacked up a quick patch for bug 1095781 to stop it from crashing at least (nothing will render). waiting on a review, but I just found a problem with it so uploading a revised patch right now
  • Asked Neil Deakin for some advice on how best to tackle synchronisation of state between the parent and child XUL popups when networking the popup over to the parent process for rendering. Pretty much everything else now works (with a few caveats) otherwise, and especially in the RSS feedwriter case it should work once the popup state is synchronised properly.
  • In the mean time I'm starting to familiarise myself with bug 1066381 (js hang detector not working).
  • also trying to get more information from the bug reporter on bug 1095781 so that I can start to debug that as well


  • bug 1100063 - [e10s] crash in mozilla::MediaDecoderReader::RequestVideoData
    • Was not e10s. Shifted to media.
  • bug 1092630 - get rid of native widgets for OS X NPAPI plugins
    • Mysterious mochitest failures on try — do not appear locally. Possibly fixed, waiting for tree to reopen.
    • Main blockers are keypress-related issues smichaud is working on.
  • bug 1051842 - [e10s] crash in -[ChildView keyDown:]
    • In progress.


  • bug 1089008 - enable e10s more broadly on windows - landed
    • Windows: 61%
    • Linux: 56%
    • Mac: 67%
  • bug 1098055 - PContent message protection - landed
  • bug 1095754 - sync window updates over the compositor - wip


  • M4: bug 1008435 - [e10s] Port the built-in Gecko profiler to e10s
  • M4?: bug 1098808 - cannot view chrome:// xul urls under e10s
    • This was set as M4 during last triage, but with the caveat that we'd boot it out if it seemed more complicated. I have a patch to do it the simple way, but I think we need to figure out if the solution I'm proposing is the right one. There's some contention there, so I've booted it out of M4 for now. Patch posted.
  • M4: bug 1090602 - [e10s] treestatus.mozilla.org JS form validation breaks when run in an e10s window
    • Turns out this is because we're not forwarding events on menuitems in the parent process to run on the associated <option> elements in the child. This breaks webcompat.
    • Blocked / mothballed until {{bug|1053981 has some patches to indicate direction, so I don't dupe work or tromp on toes.
  • M4: bug 1099274 - Crash reporter fails to submit report for e10s crashed tab (test case)
    • Started looking at this today. Looks like we're not getting a dumpID from the ipc:content-shutdown notification. Still trying to figure out why. Been spending the afternoon setting up debugging infrastructure for this little Surface Pro I'm using.
  • M4: bug 1101193 - Disable e10s on 11/24
    • Patch written and reviewed - will land on Sunday to catch Monday Nightly.


  • Started working on keygen (boo)
  • Random investigations and figuring out why lots of people in the SF office are turning off e10s locally