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Suggestion: Discussing the work week, the team never really had a chance to work together due to the facilities we had. Should we plan a new work week for the end of Q1, maybe in Portland or Toronto?


  • bug 1051842 - [e10s] crash in -[ChildView keyDown:]
    • Got tentative approval from masayuki offline
    • Up for review
  • bug 1075670 - [e10s] event.screenX and event.screenY is wrong
    • Smaug confirms that he is just looking for proper window position sync in TabChild.
    • Fix should just be to forward all window moves (not just resizes) to child proc.
    • Rest of the patch is already posted in the bug
  • bug 1103255 - [E10S] Text Input does not work with Flash Player with E10S Enabled
    • WFM since mac plugins work
  • bug 1110884 - Plugin IME broken on OS X 10.7 and 10.6 in non-e10s mode
    • remaining issue from NPAPI bug


  • The e10s contact for the DevTools team, harthur, is leaving Mozilla. I'm talking with her and dcamp about finding a new e10s contact.
    •  :( :(
    • ... and Eddy Bruel is our new DevTools contact!
    •  :)
  • following up with add-on developers and wbamberg's new MDN docs (and videos!)
  • pretty busy with FlashKill initiative (unrelated to e10s)

Allison (:ally)

  • review count: 5
  • Very Early Telemetry data on js exceptions in addons
    • waiting to reverse the nonobvious ids to addon names so useful compat bugs can be filed
    • http://nbviewer.ipython.org/gist/vitillo/571e075a2061462dca93 for raw data
      • includes sort by submission frequency & by total count
      • some are throwing in RemoteAddonsParent.jsm
      • top 3 by submission frequency
        • {d10d0bf8-f5b5-c8b4-a8b2-2b9879e08c5d} contentPolicy.js 404 18.63%
        • {DDC359D1-844A-42a7-9AA1-88A850A938A8} preferences.jsm 90 15.56%
        • abs@avira.com DNTContentPolicy.js 369 5.68%
  • bug 1071562 - Support non-text content types for content process clipboard
    • will likely have to be split into one patch per copy_* type due to different failing checks in content process
    • currently working on cmd_copyImage, whose check ultimately fails because nsXULPopupManager's mNoHidePanels & mPopups are never set in the content process
  • ejpbruel is new devtools e10s contact
  • Working Dec 29, 30, 31st, eastern timezone
    • anyone else wanna do triage with me on the 30ths(tues)?


  • managerial work, goals
  • bug 1106075 (try again button takes two clicks) - regression caused by a patch I landed in July, fix posted.
  • bug 1095754 (plugin compositor patches) - wip
  • pto for the next two weeks


  • M4: bug 1068349 - IPC message handlers that return false cause child process to crash without a crash report
    • Figured out how to get both minidumps submitted - patch landed but bounced
    • We're oranging because sometimes we're force-killing the content process after a timeout on our slow test machines, which leaves dumps behind. Talked to bent and smaug - bent wants to just eliminate the force-shutdown for Mochitests, and smaug wants me to bump the delay. I've bumped the delay to 10 seconds, and have a try push running. Landable tomorrow?
  • M4: bug 1108761 - Add class to let menulist > menupopup stylings apply to other popups
    • Patch is up, waiting for review from Dao.
  • M4: bug 1090602 - [e10s] <option> events do not bubble up through parent <select>
    • Just in this last hour, I may have found a simple solution to this, but I'll know more tomorrow.
  • PTO for the next two weeks


  • Still been stuck on search stuff, hoping to get back to e10s next week


  • Slow couple of weeks
  • Landed a couple of patches
  • Up next: showModalDialog