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  • Will join meeting 15 minutes late due to scheduling conflict
  • No new bugs to report
  • Bug 1093535 - [e10s] nsIRequest.suspend throws NS_ERROR_NOT_AVAILABLE
 * Passed back by Gabor, will spend some time looking into it myself


  • Bug 1093535 - [e10s] nsIRequest.suspend throws NS_ERROR_NOT_AVAILABLE
 Spent some time debugging it, seems like a devtools issue, added some info to the bug
  • Bug 1126014 - [e10s] nsIScriptSecurityManager domainPolicy
 filed new patch with extended tests (took a long time to get
 the tests right)
  • Bug 982319 - Network monitor issues with gzipped request bodies
 read tons of devtools/necko code, have a clue what is going on but
 need help to move forward, filed needinfo request with details
  • Bug 1084655 - findbar fails to auto-fill selected text in e10s mode
 tested with my remove CPOW patch and it seems to fix this issue as well (yay \o/)


  • bug 1132874 (content process aborts in PPluginWidget::Msg_ParentShutdown) - reopened, haven't looked at this further.
  • bug 1122525 (Save image has bad filename in file picker) - need to update per review comments
  • bug 1129040 (addon/plugin blocklist broken) - main fix posted. Currently working my way through the tests in browser/base/content/tests/plugins which contains about 30 tests related to plugins, ctp, and blocklisting.


  • gw280 wanted me to mention that he's on sick-leave today
  • M6 bug 1110887 - With e10s, plugin crash submit UI is broken
    • Have a WIP up for the first few steps. Need to wire up the UI now that we're getting the right information passed around. Got bogged down trying to understand how GMP crash reporting works in relation to NPAPI crash reporting.
  • Interviewed potential interns. I have an intern assigned to me now, starting in May.
  • I'm on PTO tomorrow. Trying to clear out my review queue today.


  • MSE - smoke testing of youtube videos (note: as of this week, the automation team has tests of MSE for youtube in Nightly running in marionette)
  • Add-ons test day, last Friday, was lightly attended
  • pre-triage
  • regression window for bug 1125325 - Web content is not rescaled when OS X moves browser window from HiDPI laptop display to external display.
    • It is not e10s isolated
    • working with smichaud so he’ll be able to reproduce it.
  • Keeping an eye on nightly crash stats.
  • Reading List not compatible with e10s?
  • need PTO next Friday (3/27)


  • New SDK got uplifted
  • Landed various patches in progress


  • Just about done with m5
  • Starting work on my m6 bugs.
  • Reviews! (Hi Gabor!)


  • bug 1138678 - Crash in [ChildView keyDown:] when dismissing password field in chrome content
    • ready to land
  • bug 1075670 - [e10s] event.screenX and event.screenY is wrong
    • Patches are approved
    • Looking into B2G crash found during QA testing
  • bug 1081691 - [e10s] 'mouseover' and 'mouseout' events don't work correctly for <browser> element or remote <browser> element
    • unable to reproduce. Confirming with bug reporter.
  • bug 1018639 - [e10s] Mouse cursor indicates a bidirectional resize
    • One patch approved, one with minor issues
    • Next up after 1075670

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