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We are now four weeks away from Firefox 40 merging to Aurora...!!


  • We're missing meeting notes on the wiki since January 15th. :/
  • bug 1152864 - "unsafe CPOW usage" warnings are too noisy in automation test logs
    • We now suppress these warnings on Mochitest runs. Re-enable with --enable-cpow-warnings when running mochitests if that's a thing you want.
  • M6 bug 1106235 - [e10s] Form autocompletion dropdown menu doesn't honor RTL
    • Fixed and landed
  • M6 bug 1110887 - With e10s, plugin crash submit UI is broken
  • M6 bug 1088180 - [e10s] after dragging tab to new window, links with target blank open in tabs in old window instead of current window
    • Fixed and landed
  • M6 bug 863514 - Electrolysis: Make gesture support work
    • Handing off to handyman, because I'm less comfortable with Cocoa and ObjC++ than he is
  • M6 bug 1146955 - Make GMP crash reporting UI work in e10s
    • Started investigations.
  • M6 bug 1025146 - [e10s] Make it so that we can view document source without hitting the network
    • How does retrieving documents from the network cache work in the content process? HttpChannelChild does not implement nsICachingChannel, so nsISHEntry's can't get their cacheKey's set... are we using any network cache at all? I assume so...
  • M6 bug 1096093 - [e10s] Scrollbar missing when e10s enabled
    • I thought I knew what was causing this, but that hypothesis got invalidated late yesterday. Still digging in.
  • General note: I seem to recall blassey saying that our M6's were likely to be done next week... I think that was a week off? According to jimm's burndown, current estimate is around May 1st.


  • bug 1129040 (addon/plugin blocklist + tests) - making progress on this this week. Hope to have it done by next week.
  • bug 1153939 (crash in nsBaseWidget::DestroyCompositor()) - fixed
  • fixed some bugs related to bad random orange (bugs 1100501, 1153205, 1124740)
  • been working on a sec bug unrelated to e10s (bug 1127011)


  • Regular QA work
    • bug triage
    • STR's and regression ranges
    • Stability - crash bug filing
  • arewee10syet
    • Got localhost running and serving up content of local version
    • using console logging to understand what's going on
    • have a couple questions for billm after this meeting regarding addon popularity and SDK vs non-SDK or risk in CPOW usage


  • Bug 982319 - Network monitor - patch on platform side, then we decided to do a hack on network-monitor.js instead, working patch filed then had some long debate about we should settle with this approach or should try to find some more proper solution. We will land this patch probably with minor changes, but channel related works from js will need more attention. Events are messy to deal with (sometimes on child side sometimes on parent side, no clear path in some cases) and conversion is not helping (it happens on the child side while we do most of the work on parent side, no way to get a reference to the child side channel in some cases, or the other way around...) Platform code is not very straightforward either, and http-on-* messages story is still kind of hanging in the air. (Bug 1108827)
  • Bug 1148188 - method for creating add-on specific APIs - Got the defaultShim and the interposeCall hook up and running. Need to find a way to optimise it. Also need to do the actual API that was requested in this bug with it.
  • reviews


  • Bug 1129564 m6 - anchor navigation removes lock icon - got some good feedback on userTypedValue things, wrapping up the patch
  • Bug 903016 - Reimplement contentAreaClick so it can be used in content and chrome - will probably move to this one next
  • Bug 1147156 - Re-enable e10s for nightly


  • bug 1083365 - [e10s] Tooltips don't always go away
    • Patch ready for review
  • bug 1127727 - [e10s] Detached tab with shared video is displayed with a large throbber after re-attachment
    • Done
  • bug 1060643 - The / keyboard shortcut doesn't work in Gmail with e10s
    • patch awaiting review
  • bug 1018639 - [e10s] Mouse cursor indicates a bidirectional resize
    • Done
  • bug 863514 - Electrolysis: Make gesture support work
    • Just started.


  • Took ownership of bug 930788 and started helping Michel Gutierrez with Video DownloadHelper. Main issue is getting hold of a content window from a nsIHttpChannel for some DOM manipulation, directed him to the LoadContext->MessageManager pattern until SDK has wrappers - should he use those from bug 1130529? Will ask Mossop.
  • Pinged Legal dept. for papework status: received a draft contract for review, but not ETA yet :(


  • Landed 1138746 (m6 - open in new e10s window not disabled on OS X when layers accel disabled)
  • Having some trouble with 1103635 (rtl not respected with select elements). There appears to be some issue with XUL here, and I'm still digging into it.


  • Fixed bug 1149420 (IndexedDB prompt doesn't work in e10s).
  • Landed bug 966395 (Bidi caret indicator on OSX)
  • Wrote a patch for bug 1124076 (keygen-related contentlistener stuff)
  • A bunch of reviews
  • Investigated bug 1152615 (intermittent test failure in e10s)


  • For real this week, the notes will hit the wiki
  • Next week and week after I am PTO (Galapagos!)
  • BillM, would love to see your engineering plan for addons doc

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