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1148505 - back dropdown shouldn't use cpows, ready to check in 1133569 - back/forward gestures shouldn't use cpows 1195931 - non-breaking spaces in option labels don't appear in select elements 1191897 - shortcut keys don't work while a select popup is open 1101115 - directory listings don't work in rtl


  • finished up work on the new e10s release reuqirements.. requirements.
    • tracking bug: e10s-rc
    • master doc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1kdYHycZN1ETRcw3B3xH4fnNnAs4dzRh3loUX9x8UhZQ/edit
    • basically we're going to let performance and stability metrics drive the "rollout from aurora" decision. e10s-rc tracks metrics/HUD/misc. bugs needed to get the metrics we'll use in making a final decision. Perf team will be working on fixing these bugs over the next few months.
    • existing metrics that regress and block will land in e10s-perf, which we'll be triaging and starting work on in a few weeks.
  • bug 1137944 (m7, plugin painting) - wip, still trying to figure out how to do with without introducing deadlock problems.
  • bug 1198459 (m8, disable e10s with a11y) - started looking at this this morning. I think we can fix Windows pretty easily, still need to look at mac and linux.


  • has been focusing on WebExtensions (reviews, filed patch for contentMenus)
  • will focus on m8 from tomorrow


  • fix for browser_bug555767.js landed in bug 1196765
  • worked on fixing browser_minimize.js for bug 1100664 but found that we need an api to access docShell in e10s.
  • I just found bug 1102020 which has a fix r+ for browser_bug537474.js (Neil, can that be landed?)


  • native.js public discussion
  • Damage control on blogs, Twitter and forums
  • Looked at patterns of minimal intervention for XUL add-ons temporary fixing
  • Started working on a firewall-like WebExtension: any timeline for native.js or the like?


  • Still trying to figure out tests on OSX.

-> Looks like it might be possible, but waiting for machines to arrive.

  • Working on m8 bugs (clipboarxd crash is first).
  • Reviews.


bug 1176646/1095484 - irc: links don't work. WIP patch attached bug 1180916 - tab switch causes 4 full frame paints, still back burner