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  • I'm back, and have gotten sync'd up with my massive email back log.
  • I've also picked up a few bugs from the M8 list, since I'd reduced my load before PTO
  • M8 - bug 1199434 - [e10s] Print preview doesn't show alert if printer was't found.
    • Got r+, just need to fix some small things, should land this today.
  • M8 - bug 1202634 - [e10s] links with target=_blank in private browsing popup open in non-private window
    • I think I've figured out what's going wrong. Currently consulting with smaug to figure out how best to fix it.
  • M8 - bug 1090602 - <option> events do not bubble up through parent <select>
    • I've reached the point where the event is being correctly received and synthesized in the child, but the ordering is wrong (normally, events are handled _after_ the selection has changed - with my current patch they're happening before).
  • bug 1189554 - Saved passwords dialog is no longer resizable when opened from the Page Info dialog on Windows
    • A regression I caused with an earlier M8. Patch reviewed, waiting to land.


  • Roberto on Vladan's team has been looking in Fx42 Telemetry data, here are some initial results: http://nbviewer.ipython.org/gist/vitillo/acd2e397383f5b893b50
  • Next steps include Roberto (Vladan's team) verifying we have telemetry data for child process on a consistent basis, some reports were missing
  • Vladan is also looking into add-ons metrics to help with the add-ons black list/white list. This is the next big milestone. More soon.
  • It looks like we will have someone to help us with server-side analysis in Q4, they might be able to pitch into perf study
  • No new actionable items beyond what is already documented (unless issues come out of the recent Aurora study):https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/showdependencytree.cgi?id=1063169&hide_resolved=1. Vladan mentioned tab switching as being a good area of focus
  • We have a GA criteria lock on the 30th and there's lot's of homework to get through to prep for that sign-of meeting
  • Vladan will attempt to start attending this meet; if not, we'll start to get written updates from him directly


1203134 - autocomplete popup appearing over top of input field, fixed 1191897 - shortcuts not working when select popup is open, fixed 1168042 - accesskeys not working, ready to check in 1199239 - remove cpow usage from bookmark page command, being reviewed 1202176/1204944 - tab dragging image not positioned properly in high dpi modes, fix provided, going to get reviewed


  • bug 1156742 - print to xps with low integrity sandbox - added new protocol to handle printing a page at a time over IPC. Chatted with Bas about Moz2D and he seems to think it should be fairly straight forward, going to look into that next and if it'll take too long, I'll clean up my EMF patch and put it up for review.


  • bug 1137944 (m7, plugin positioning bug) - more progress on this, some reviews complete. wrote a bunch of tests and making some changes based on review comments.
  • bug 1158111 (m8, tab offset caching) - looking into this. Layout doesn't have much to support this although marcus recently pointed me to something called reflow calbacks I need to look at next.


  • Been on PTO for the past week. Will be catching up on needinfos and email today.


  • Helping a firewall vendor to develop a content blocker WebExtension
 from scratch (good chance to push the envelope)
  • Exploring pragmatic approaches to the need for ESR support (EFF add-ons,
 NoScript and other Tor related stuff)  
  • Tried to reach IE Tab developers (AMO dashboard + email).
 No answer yet, but they seem to be Chrome-focused now


  • Shelved the RSS feed stuff right now to focus on the plugin content process hang on Linux. I've updated the bugs accordingly to correctly reflect the dependencies there.
  • Spent the last week trying to get my head around how plugins work, and the nested event loop detection stuff on Linux. This is for bug 1111892. Want to speak to billm to find out more.