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  • M8 - bug 1204301 - In an e10s window, Nightly does not bring up the master password dialog when required for TLS client authentication
    • Speculative patch posted
    • Blocked on review by mayhemer (redirected to him by michal) who is apparently not accepting review requests right now, but is needinfo'd on the bug. Anybody have suggestions for other reviewers? This patch involves the intersection of Necko and NSS...
  • M8 - bug 1194897 - [e10s] window.[location|menu|personal|status|tool]bar.visible is always false
    • Originally, "Clicking a link on digg.com with e10s enabled yields two tabs"
    • Fixed, landed.
  • M8 - bug 1202634 - [e10s] links with target=_blank in private browsing popup open in non-private window
    • Patch posted, waiting on review from billm. Happy to redirect if somebody else wants to take a look.
  • M8 - bug 1141041 - [e10s] Opening the "View" > "Page Style" menu in remote browser

causes unsafe CPOW usage warnings

    • I have a potential solution to this, but will not work for stylesheets that are added dynamically. Based on how niche alternative stylesheets are, and how niche dynamically added stylesheets are, I suspect this is okay. Will file a follow-up for the dynamic case.
  • M8 - bug 1110511 - Implement about:tabcrashed spec
    • ursula has a start on this, and I've picked up where she left off. Should be pretty straight-forward - hope to have a patch today.
  • I've been asked to give a quick crash-course on JS / DOM for Gecko hackers for a new hire as part of an onboarding experiment. Spending a few hours this week assembling slides and exercises.


1202176/1204944 - tab dragging image not positioned properly in high dpi modes, done 1199239 - remove cpow usage from bookmark page command, being reviewed 1206559 - focus issues with some tests, have possible patch


(read only) Beta/GA Criteria lock on Oct 1 Wrangling 'product wanted' Working with product to capture requirements

Aurora telemetry study findings: figuring out what they actually mean


Fixed a couple more test failures in PermitUnload patch Landed some WebExtension patches


  • Worked through backlog of needinfos and reviews.
  • Investigated bug 1186957 (can't fill forms in private mode), but can't reproduce and all obvious modes of failure should Just Work.
  • Will work on getting OSX e10s tests enabled this week.


  • Kept working on the firewall-like WebExtension and taking notes of roadblocks for it & NoScript:
 - nsIEffectiveTLDService & nsIIDNService replacements Maybe in URL Web API? https://url.spec.whatwg.org/#dom-url-domaintoascii
 - WebRequest / beforeload equivalent for nsIContentPolicy interception of non-HTTP loads and decisions based on DOM nodes
 - Bug 1190662, is it supposed to cope also with dynamic resizing?
 - Really low level stuff, e.g. ScriptlessBGThumbs
  • Still no news from IE Tab, but they seem not interested in maintaining a legacy Firefox add-on:


  • remoting nsHandlerService: finally getting back to this. Spent yesterday unbitrotting my patch


  • WEAPI reviews
  • refactoring the contextmenus patch for WEAPI (taking a bit more time than I expected :( )