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  • bug 1137944 (m7, plugin positioning bug) - fixed.
  • bug 1199892 (m8, mouse cursor flicker with both e10s/non-e10s) - fixed.
  • bug 1196539 (m8, plugin paint tab switching bug) - fixed.
  • bug 1190364 (m8, plugin info sometimes fails with e10) - wip.
  • bug 1096804 (m8, taskbar preview) - wip.


  • M8 bug 1141041 - [e10s] Opening the "View" > "Page Style" menu in remote browser causes unsafe CPOW usage warnings
    • Got r+ on my patch, should land this today
    • Bonus: this also gets rid of a sync message that we send up when new tabs open (bug 1195289).
  • M8 bug 1110511 - Implement about:tabcrashed spec
  • M8 bug 1180991 - [e10s] Page Info: Media preview is not shown the first time on multi-process Nightly
    • I understand the problem, just working with the reviewer on the right solution
  • M8 bug 1095236 - [e10s] window.open(..., ..., "dialog=1") breaks with e10s enabled
    • mrbkap has r+'d my patches - thanks!
    • Going to talk to ehsan today to make sure I'm going through the right steps to deprecate this kind of feature
  • M8 bug 1090602 - <option> events do not bubble up through parent <select>
    • Can't avoid this anymore, so going whole-hog on this bug now.
  • Helping botond and kats get my patches in bug 1103094 and bug 1193838 work so that they can investigate an e10s-only talos regression for apz.
  • Monday is a Canadian holiday!


  • I'm still with you
    • Wrangling action items from criteria lock: focusing on deliverables from telemetry. Focusing on stability data for easy to read: e10s vs. non-e10s.
    • Checking in on need for a-team person to work with Blake on automated tests.
    • Next telemetry study is Nov 2nd, which incidentally is right before next moment in time and I should have more cycles to focus on this project.


  • bug 1156742 - print to xps with low integrity sandbox - work modifying Moz2D recording to work standalone, pretty much done. Now working on utilising it for printing. Hope to have something working by early next week.
  • bug 1173371 - Sandbox prevents Firefox from working from a network drive on Windows - needs an update to the chromium code, which we can take in isolation. Then need to translate our policy paths to the standard ones that chromium uses for comparison.


  • Landed bug 967873 but had to back it out because of IPC crashes (bug 1210821).
  • Working on tracking down the IPC bugs.


  • M8 bug 1165558 - Saving PDFs doesn't show dialog. Attached patches.
  • M8 bug 1171215 - No cookies with websocket upgrade request. Investigated and should have a patch in the next couple of days.
  • M8 bug 1169268 - Crash pasting files in contenteditable. Waiting for review.


  • bug 1111892 - currently working on providing the needinfo for :jimm
  • bug 1204223 - installed the nvidia 355.98 driver on my GTX670/Win10 machine, couldn't reproduce
  • bug 1109714 - mostly working now, have a preliminary patch up. the actual subscribe action doesn't work yet, but I don't think there's much left to do.
  • bug 1159827 - handed off to gabor


  • bug 1100664 - landed fix to make browser_minimize.js e10s compatible. (need to land patch to actually enable it it test runs)
  • bug 1194475 - modernized a couple of mixed content test cases
  • investigating browser_gestureSupport.js - All the tests are failing with "content is null" under e10s