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  • Been on PTO for the last couple of days, almost finished up with needinfos and reviews.
  • bug 1209689 - Did some discovery work revolving around our current crashed tab display behavior. Received signoff from UX on improvements. Work currently slated for M9.
  • bug 1164508 - (m8, fix UX related to hung scripts and plugins) - currently trying to come up with something here that simpler and easy to understand which better ties into the changes in bug 1209689.
  • bug 1213758 (compositor crash accessing layer tree information) - fix posted, waiting on try run before kicking off review.
  • bug 1214878 (plugins embedded in iframes don't update visibility during page scrolling) - working on this now. nsGfxScrollFrame in the content process should be updating these but apparently isn't.
  • bug 1190364 (m8, plugin info sometimes fails with e10s) - have a potential fix for this, still needs to be reivewed.



  • Bug 1207634 - drag link from downloads panel or text editor to tab bar not working
  • Bug 1208078 - improve drag feedback popup
  • Bug 1213439 - Ctrl+Tab not working on page
  • Bugs 1131626, 1102020, 1173330 - fixed some disabled tests


  • bug 1156742 - print to xps with low integrity sandbox - I have just got something working, with pictures but no text. There are a couple of problems with fonts that we need to resolve. Also, I’m currently using the existing printing surfaces behind the DrawTargetRecording at the moment, which means I get two prints, which is nice for testing. I want to move to just using an off-screen surface, but I was having problems with page size and DPI.


  • bug 1196975 (m8, - stop using shims in the SDK) - we're looking into some weird bugs with Dave, it seems like page-workers do something weird. Dave found a bug that shims altering behavior even in non-e10s case and I think we're creating sandboxes for windows from another process unintentionally which sounds very bad to me.
  • bug 1159827 (m8, - showing spinner when closing a tab) - took a while to reproduce it, but it seems like this can be tricky to fix. When we close the tab and the layer tree of the next tab is not ready yet, I'm not sure what is the good strategy really. If we show the next tab then it'll likely be a a black screen, if we show the closed tab that might lead people to click close again and close the next tab... I can try that and see if it helps... The tab switcher does not seem to handle if the switch is a result of a close, but I need to read some more code.


  • bug 1165558 (m8, download PDF doesn't prompt correctly) - Wrote a patch and fixed it. While I was here, I tried enabling the pdfjs tests in bug 1159385 but was backed out for a leak. The pdfjs guys (Yury in particular) are going to look into it.
  • bug 1171215 (m8, websocket upgrade requests don't send cookies) - Have plan and have investigated. Should have a patch by the end of today.
  • bug 1169268 (m8, crash pasting files into contenteditable) - Patch got r+, will land today.


  • Automated tests; helping to figure out the plan
  • Notable tickets to track:
    • bug 1193089 - [e10s][meta] Telemetry e10s experiment
    • bug 1210649 - Need a Telemetry e10s performance dashboard
    • bug 1199018 - [e10s] automate extracting slow addon data from telemetry
    • bug 1210842 - [e10s] Long tab-switch times on hilton.com website
    • bug 1210634 - Inaccurate Telemetry for Session Restore time



  • OTF Summit & Browser Add-ons:
    • OrWeb (Tor Browser for Android) -> HTTPS Everywhere + NoScript -- what's our Android story?
    • Whispers Systems https://whispersystems.org/ -- trying to port their Chrome app
    • Mailvelope https://www.mailvelope.com/ -- SDK add-on and Chrome extension, collected a bunch of platform / Web API bugs. (Thomas Oberndörfer, maintainers of OpenPGP.js)
    • Tor Browser -- Mike Perry will follow up with a list of add-ons they depend on and e10s-related soft spots
  • Finished my first production-level WebExtension, learning lots of stuff and filing/fixing bugs in the process, e.g.


  • bug 1098131 - (content area flashes on un-minimise) started having a quick look at this, it's unfortunately not a dupe of bug 1157941
  • bug 1187327 - (telemetry payload discrepancies) spoke with the telemetry guys about this and we think it might be an issue with the way the totals are being reset after each subsession report. Looking further into it.
  • bug 1187404 - (select tabbing out) landed and resolved
  • bug 1189034 - (crash when visiting github link) installed the same driver version now, but I still can't reproduce. I've asked the reporter for more info about the exact hardware configuration. Also asked if they can update their driver to see if it's an issue there (the driver they're using is over a year old)