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  • e10s/telemetry performance data gathering experiment will be running next week on aurora bug 1193089


  • bug 1213758 (m8, compositor crash accessing layer tree information) - fixed.
  • bug 1214878 (m8, plugins embedded in iframes don't update visibility during page scrolling) - fixed.
  • bug 1213671 (m8, browser window stops painting when closing a tab or when opening background tabs) - fixed.
  • bug 1164508 (m8, fix UX related to hung scripts and plugins) - under review.
    • Filed follow up bug 1216782 about crashed tab text which seems wonky in response to a user clicking "stop it" in the hang notification.
  • bug 1190364 (m8, plugin info sometimes fails with e10s) - still no fix.


  • bug 1090602 - <option> events do not bubble up through parent <select>
    • Filed bugs with the WHATWG and W3C regarding inconsistencies across browsers (and OS's)
    • This bug has been demoted from M8 to +.
  • M8 bug 1209689 - Crashed tab indicates all tabs have crashed and every tab loads the crashed tab page
    • I have a tentative patch, but it breaks lots of tests and other things.
    • I've been working with Mossop and ttaubert to get my head wrapped around what I need to do with SessionStore.
  • After the above bug, I'm all out of M8's. Feel free to offload some onto me.
  • I've been doing lots of reviews and feedbacks.
  • I've been asked to help interview a new hire, and to prepare testing materials for the interviewee.


  • Firewall-like WebExtension, second iteration
  • First shot at WebExtensions-based NoScript modules (starting with ABE)
  • Collecting API issues to file bugs
  • Studying the WebExtensions API code base, hope to take ownership of the content-blocking related components


  • bug 1196975 (m8, - stop using shims in the SDK) - Dave is working on a new page worker, he found some platform issues. I looked into them (document-element-inserted event is inconsistent). I talked about it with smaug, and I think it should be fixed but will be tricky to land (addon breakage) so I looked into Dave's patch and how could we make it work without this fix. I think I found a way, not sure how far he got with it, I might take it over if the spinner bug is done.
  • bug 1159827 (m8, - showing spinner when closing a tab) - I could not figure out the reason for showing the pre-loaded browser. I filed a workaround patch that fixes the problem, but would still love to know the reason why is it shown. Spent a lot of time figuring it out...


  • Release Mechanics meet on Monday with product; pulling together agenda (will also talk a11y requirements)
  • Scheduling follow up to truly lock-lock on release criteria after our initial conversation
  • Written status


  • bug 1156742 - print to xps with low integrity sandbox - normal fonts now working, need Bas to fix WebFonts. Printing with an off-screen target also working, although I'm still instansiating the printer DC in the child to get the size and scaling. Also, need to add something to allow the parent to abort if it has problems. Need to do some more manual testing as I don't think there is much in the tree.


  • bug 1214666 - (m8, about redirector in content process for loop) - I looked into this and wasn't yet able to figure out what's going on. More looking needed.
  • bug 1171215 - (m8, websockets sending cookies) - I have a partial patch for this but I'm working out the best way to finish it. Shouldn't be too hard.
  • Writing email for people to help out with tests. Will be done with that today.