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  • M8 bug 1217190 - Printing is broken with e10s on OS X since a43f6bb86588
  • M8 bug 1209689 - Crashed tab indicates all tabs have crashed and every tab loads the crashed tab page
    • Patches up for review.
  • M8 bug 1171708 - [e10s] Stop using CPOWs for window closing
    • I've hit a slight snag. It looks like group message managers might not stay alive when the window closes, which prevents the parent from hearing the last updates from the child when the tabs are all flushed. Writing a test case.
  • M8 bug 1177310 - [e10s] Stop using CPOWs on application shutdown
    • Have not started this yet
  • bug 1193838 - Make it possible to gather profiles from processes that have exited, and bug 1103094 - Start profiling subprocesses if the parent process is already profiling
    • I have WIP patches from last quarter that I need to clean up. Hoping to do this once I've cleared out my last M8s.
  • Reviews
  • I'm giving more JS / DOM onboarding training on Monday.


  • bug 1196975 (m8, - stop using shims in the SDK) - finished and landed the patches.
  • bug 1159827 (m8, - showing spinner when closing a tab) - I have a new patch, I delay the panel removal as Mike suggested, waiting for review.
  • testing the SDK version of the last pass add-on, there is a crash that makes it quite hard to test it, filed a bug about it. bug 1222015


  • bug 1164508 (m8, fix UX related to hung scripts and plugins) - fixed.
  • bug 1152049 (m8, plugins aren't clipped by scrollbars) - posted patches that address this for top level documents, sub frames still have an issue. re-nom'd for triage, apz only, doesn't impact aurora and up. I plan to help the gfx team by working on this but it shouldn't block e10s rollout.
  • bug 1190364 (m8, plugin info sometimes fails with e10s) - looked at this again, may be an issue with mixed up epoch values. still investigating.
  • working on release-criteria related stuff this week.


  • bug 1221159 - re-enable a few working tests for e10s
    • was backed out due to what I believe is unrelated intermittent failure bug 1217332
    • sending some specific jobs to try in attempt to prove one way or the other.
  • Stability was looking quite good earlier this week with both Aurora and Nightly dipping at or below 2.0 crashes per 100 ADI.
  • Do we have M9 and M10 scope figured out?



  • bug 1156742 - print to xps with low integrity sandbox - fonts are hard.


  • bug 1217876[e10s] nsIXMLHttpRequest clients in a frame script don't get any visible AuthPrompt when needed - maybe I must look at how XHR works in content and mimic it
  • bug 1213483 Complete the implementation of chrome.webRequest
  • Idea flied around in the add-ons meeting, forking popular "semi-abandoned" add-ons to make them e10s-ready?


  • bug 1111892 - flash hang when right clicking on linux/gtk. patched and landed.
  • bug 1098131 - content area flashes when unminimising. patched, reviewed and attempted landing but fails tests. should land for real today.
  • bug 1109714 - feed reader UI. got some good feedback from mconley on the patch, so addressing those as soon as I get 1098131 landed.


  • bug 967873 - getting ready to land it. test changes have landed and merged to m-c.