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  • M8 bug 1233497 - Make unsafe CPOWs from non-addon browser code throw by default
    • Landed!
    • A little bit of fallout: bug 1243625 and bug 1243643, but nothing major. Patches and analysis coming up on those.
  • Perf P1 bug 1195295 - content-sessionStore.js sends a sync message to the parent in SyncHandler.init
    •  :ting figured out that we're doing a lot more CC with my patch, which is causing the frequent orange (see analysis in bug 1220517 and the end of bug 1195295). Big thanks to :ting for his ongoing help here.
  • Perf P1 bug 1223780 - [e10s][telemetry] regressions in EVENTLOOP_UI_LAG_EXP_MS (3 metrics: parent, children, parent + children)
    • Blocked waiting on experiment data.
  • Perf P1 bug 1174770 - tpaint regressions (3%-33%) in e10s mode compared to non-e10s mode
    • I have preliminary recommendations, but I'm working on cleaning up my talos profiling patch to work locally.
  • bug 1241424 - The crash reporter content is not displayed if was automatically checked on tab crash
    • Fixed
  • Gotten roped into bug 1239504 - Profiler leaks when the update channel is set to beta, so lending my free cycles to this.


  • bug 1239353 (M8) - drag tab to another screen not working. Found fixes for two parts of the issue, but the resizing is caused by DPI mismatch between window and drag feedback panel. Need to investigate a fix.
  • bug 1240509 - issue with now waiting for tab switch in browser-test harness in affecting some devtools tests
  • bug 1241703 - fixed issue where search browser_contextmenu.js test was relying on a nightly-only feature


  • bug 1241959 - Add a description of e10s blocked status to about:support
  • bug 1234673 - Avoid users from locales ar, fa, he, ur for e10s rollout to beta
  • bug 1241336 - Run an e10s A/B experiment on Beta 45 (first experiment)
  • bug 1243612 - "promptCount is undefined" on beta (nsBrowserGlue.js)


  • had some extra complex needInfo bugs this week.
  • working on test case in bug 1242643 - Fix and re-enable /js/xpconnect/tests/browser_dead_object.js
  • investigating disabled test cases in toolkit/components/thumbnails/test/browser.ini
    • several are WFM locally
    • a couple of other have some failures to sort out.


  • bug 1232181 (M8, Replace plugin windows with static window captures when scrolling) - wip
  • bug 1241060 (M8, Flash Player content appears on top of devtools) - fix posted, under review.
  • bug 1229763 (M8, localized support page for accessibility and e10s) - in-tree updates landed. remaining work is on SUMO teams plate.


  • bug 1238964 - Printing via parent doesn't handle paper sizes correctly - landed.
  • bug 1240437 - PushLayer and PopLayer APIs are not implemented for DrawTargetRecording - landed.
  • bug 1173371 - [e10s] Web page is not shown when launch Firefox from network drive on Windows - reviewed, still want to test samba share.


  • bug 1237025 - view image info patch landed and uplifted to aurora late last week.
  • bug 1179732 - the tresize test addon is now e10s compatible, and that narrowed the gap a fair bit. Basically, WinXP & Win7 are at parity with non-e10s now, Win8 is faster in e10s than non-e10s. Only regression is on Linux now, but it's big (~25%). I'm currently profiling this and investigating further.
  • bug 1242450 - hidden option elements now work. landed and requested uplift.


  • bug 1242472 - new m8 bug. Francois Marier just posted the results of a bunch of debugging he did so things just got much easier.
  • I fixed a non-e10s bug I introduced in autocomplete with datalist.
  • More test fixes.


Introducing tech leads:

  • Responsiveness: Chris HC
  • Stability: Birunthan Mohanathas

Note about experiments: first experiment with addons, data will be messy: this is intentional; we can try to filter by only no-addons users. The second experiment will be no-addons only and will be the basis for the final recommendations.