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  • bug 1253575 (crash in mozalloc_abort | NS_DebugBreak | mozilla::ipc::GeckoChildProcessHost::OpenPrivilegedHandle) - got result from annotation, the error from OpenPrivilegedHandle is ACCESS_DENIED
  • bug 1258317 (crash in mozilla::ipc::TransferHandleToProcess) - investigating, need more annotation
  • bug 1258663 (Annotate system call failure regarding IPC transports) - created to annotate more Windows system calls that we MOZ_RELEASE_ASSERT success.


  • bug 1197913 (M9, Moving the cursor outside the <select> drop-down list doesn't keep the last hovered item highlighted) - under review.
  • bug 1255968 (Perf, Interruptible reflow is broken in e10s) - wip patch waiting feedback.
  • bug 1257869 (Perf, Window Resize of large page takes seconds to change viewport) - resolved duped to bug 1255968


  • bug 1253241 (M9, "Scroll of Lorem Ipsum" testcase causes graphic glitches when hide menupopup after open Inspector) - under review.


  • (I may arrive some minutes late)
  • Worked with SV to QA the system add-on code
  • bug 1257265 - Finished all bugs with improvements to the system add-on and handled the uplifts to start phase 2 of beta46 testing
    • tag disqualified users
    • annotate cohort on crash report
    • exclude users part of an experiment
  • Phase 2 targets 50% of population (will yield 20% of e10s activated), with APZ enabled
  • Deactivated phase 1
  • Created spreadsheet to track partially-disabled tests (from the "standing up new platforms on Ash" work)
  • More e10s-tests activity


  • bug 1241060 (M9, Flash Player content appears on top of devtools) - fixed.
  • bug 1245165 (M9, No plugin name and version annotations on plugin crashes with e10s turned on) - resolved wfm.
    • aklotz fixed this in unrelated work he landed in bug 1256943.
  • bug 1148978 (M9, Flash plugins fail to paint correctly when open sidebar/fullscreen) - under review.
    • This should address any remaining browser window invalidation issues with windowed plugins.
  • bug 1258440 (Perf, Plugin code in CompositorParent causing a tpaint/tabpaint regression) - fixed.


  • bug 1248683 - [e10s] Find bar sometimes gets keypresses in the wrong order when system is under heavy load
    • Learning how the find bar works, handles keypresses on e10s, getting help from jimm, looking at recent bug fix in this area (bug 1218351) and trying to understand how it works.



  • Perf P1 bug 1226564 - [e10s] CACHE V2 telemetry probe regressions
    • The probes that we care about are STARTUP_NETWORK_CACHE_V2_HIT_TIME_MS and STARTUP_NETWORK_CACHE_METADATA_FIRST_READ_TIME_MS, and I'm not sure how much we care about regressions there for the content process. Currently talking to mcmanus about this.
  • Perf P2 bug 1174770 - tpaint regressions (3%-33%) in e10s mode compared to non-e10s mode
    • The work to fix the regressions and get us under the threshold has been, I believe, identified.
    • bug 1258459 - Fix TalosPowersContent forceCCAndGC handler to not expect "name" in event detail
      • Fixed
    • bug 1258440 - tpaint is slowed on Linux and Windows waiting on CompositorParent's mPluginUpdateResponsePending
      • Fixed
    • bug 1251032 - Have ContentParent send RenderFrameInfo down when responding to the CreateWindow sync message
    • bug 1254865 - remote-browser.xml's browser-child.js should not send a sync message on load
      • Under review
    • Latest graphs:
  • Perf P1 bug 1186585 - 19.66% - 44.84% tps talos regression with e10s enabled and APZ disabled
    • Starting to shift my work to this talos regression
    • bug 1253961 - Can GC during timed portion of TPS test
      • Landed, slight tps win across the board.
    • Need to gather profiles with APZ disabled




  • I'm focusing on getting all the mochitest under browser/base/content/test/general work with e10s enabled
    • bug 1257488 - (Fix test_offline_gzip.html to work on e10s) - Landed
    • bug 1257785 - (Fix test_offlineNotification.html to work on e10s) - Patch ready, pending review
    • bug 1259431 - (Fix test_feed_discovery.html to work on e10s) - Patch ready, pending review


  • bug 1255159 done. Sync Scroll now tracked in the big notebook of doom, both 45ex2 and 46ex1.


  • A bunch of reviews.
  • bug 1174036 - P1 - Find next gets stuck on page with dynamically removed textarea - Have patches but spent a bunch of time debugging a related bug uncovered by the test. Will have a final patch up today.
  • Still working on my P1s.


  • bug 1258839 - Meta bug for my a11y work
  • bug 1258844 - Successfully executed IAccessible call from a test process into a sandboxed child process.
  • Going to start landing some foundation patches for integrating the required Microsoft COM stuff.
  • David Bolter is at a a11y conference starting today and is going to be discussing our proposal with client vendors.
  • There will be a wiki page for this work, currently half-written. That will be updated very soon, as davidb is going to need it in a few hours ;-)


  • bug 1257554 - (m9) deleted the code
  • bug 1184739 - (P1) going to block this on making favicon setting async. Band-aid for favicons for now, we'll need to fix the generic issue of cross process blob urls for multiple content processes (I'll file that bug)




  • (felipe) E10s + WinXP?
  • (felipe) E10s + Accessibility on Mac?
  • (blassey) are all of billm's bugs owned?