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The graphics suites may regress a bit (up to 5%) if there are offsetting user benefits elsewhere.


  • Responsible: milan
  • Accountable: RyanVM
  • Supporting: jmaher, graphics team
  • Consulted:
  • Informed: cpeterson, elan, release management


talos webgl

  • e10s comparison validated: jgilbert
  • Current e10s diff: better or similar
    • Windows 7/8: 2-3% better
    • Windows XP: 60% better (and confirmed as reasonable)
    • Linux: same
    • OS X: 3% worse

talos canvasmark

  • e10s comparison validated: not yet, awaiting snorp
  • Current e10s diff: better by 2-3% on all platforms

talos tsvgx

  • e10s comparison validated: mstange
  • Current e10s diff: 30-50% better on all platforms
  • TODO: seems suspicious, requires further confirmation (bug: TBD)

talos tsvg_opacity

  • e10s comparison validated: not valid (mattwoodrow)
  • bug 1250717 - fix tsvg_opacity validity on e10s


Full Query
ID Summary Whiteboard Keywords Assigned to
1250350 Talos svg results for e10s seem invalid
1255936 [e10s] tsvgr_opacity is about 65% slower on 32-bit Windows XP and 7 compared to non-e10s gfx-noted

2 Total; 2 Open (100%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);