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Page load time may regress, up to 5%, if there are other improvements to offset.


  • Responsible: jimm
  • Accountable: RyanVM
  • Supporting: jmaher
  • Consulted: rvitillo
  • Informed: elan, cpeterson, release management


talos tp5/tp5o (page load time)

  • e10s comparison validated: mconley
  • Current e10s diff:
    • Windows 7/8: better by 2-5%
    • OS X: worse by 1.5% (but very noisy)
    • Linux: worse by 3%


  • Metric owner: rvitillo
  • Latest Spark analysis e10s_experiment.ipynb indicates that e10s is better than non-e10s. The median of the e10s population decreased by about 50% wrt to the median of the non-e10s population.
    • Need to confirm that data is reliable for comparison.
    • e10s shows some bimodality in the data, not sure how relevant that is.


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