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M4 through M6 Milestones

Aurora rollout blockers

Target: Q1 2015


Full Query
ID Summary Whiteboard Keywords Assigned to Status
582297 e10s: forward JS 'crypto' calls from content->chrome (including <keygen>) Blake Kaplan (:mrbkap) (inactive) RESOLVED
913651 UX for the e10s "tab crashed" page on Desktop [ux] uiwanted Michael Maslaney [:mmaslaney] (mmaslaney@mozilla.com) RESOLVED
915547 Get social activation working with e10s Shane Caraveo (:mixedpuppy) VERIFIED
936092 [e10s] Support link, shortcut, content, and file drag and drop [browser tabs drag and drop support is bug 1012784] Olli Pettay [:smaug][bugs@pettay.fi] RESOLVED
941428 Breakdown - UITour: UITour.jsm not e10s friendly [Australis:P-] Drew Willcoxon :adw RESOLVED
946739 https-everywhere and requestpolicy (0.5.28 and 1.0beta) breaks browser.tabs.remote [testday-20131206] addon-compat Chris Peterson [:cpeterson] RESOLVED
961361 [e10s] Flash video problems with sounds but no video output flashplayer Jim Mathies [:jimm] RESOLVED
966157 Implement remote NS_QUERY_EDITOR_RECT Makoto Kato [:m_kato] RESOLVED
980125 Basic compositor assertion: (mTextureFlags & aTexture->GetFlags()) == mTextureFlags, at /home/billm/mozilla/in1/gfx/layers/client/ImageClient.cpp:309 David Parks [:handyman] RESOLVED
999239 [e10s] Switching between remote and non-remote URLs loses history Dave Townsend [:mossop] VERIFIED
1008435 [e10s] Port the built-in Gecko profiler to e10s addon-compat Mike Conley (:mconley) (:⚙️) RESOLVED
1010737 Windows tests that use CPOWs when clicking buttons crash Allison Naaktgeboren :ally RESOLVED
1012784 [e10s] Dragging a tab out of a window to create its own window does not work RESOLVED
1026521 e10s blank page with hardware acceleration disabled Blake Kaplan (:mrbkap) (inactive) RESOLVED
1042377 [e10s] mozIThirdPartyUtil.isThirdPartyChannel isn't available in the parent process Blake Kaplan (:mrbkap) (inactive) RESOLVED
1046478 [e10s] Tab crashed when evaluate Element.value="" if value !="" [e10s specific crash] crash, topcrash-win Bill McCloskey [inactive unless it's an emergency] (:billm) VERIFIED
1051842 [e10s] crash in -[ChildView keyDown:] crash David Parks [:handyman] RESOLVED
1053456 [e10s] "Untrusted Connection" page's "Add Exception" button does nothing or crashes crash, crashreportid :Felipe Gomes (needinfo for replies!) VERIFIED
1053981 [e10s] Wrong <select> dropdown widget on Windows and Linux Allison Naaktgeboren :ally RESOLVED
1055186 [e10s] Tracking Protection does not work with e10s enabled Blake Kaplan (:mrbkap) (inactive) VERIFIED
1058251 [e10s] File > Save Page As… doesn't work in e10s tabs [testday-20151002] dogfood Jed Davis [:jld] ⟨⏰|UTC-7⟩ ⟦he/him⟧ VERIFIED
1058698 need async ContentWorker for e10s Tomislav Jovanovic :zombie RESOLVED
1059494 [e10s] Hanging content processes are never killed in CPOWs Bill McCloskey [inactive unless it's an emergency] (:billm) RESOLVED
1059775 [e10s] plugin-container process running without Firefox at 100% Jim Mathies [:jimm] RESOLVED
1063156 Enable e10s shims by default, even when browser.tabs.remote.autostart pref is false Allison Naaktgeboren :ally RESOLVED
1065881 [e10s] Crash on child process shutdown in ShadowLayerForwarder::InWorkerThread crash David Parks [:handyman] RESOLVED
1066181 [e10s] site security dialog's "More Information" dialog is empty, has no details about the site Jim Mathies [:jimm] VERIFIED
1066381 Trivial Infinite Loop on e10s shows spinner Bill McCloskey [inactive unless it's an emergency] (:billm) RESOLVED
1066685 make page-mod add-ons work with e10s dogfood Tomislav Jovanovic :zombie RESOLVED
1066842 [e10s] Firefox hangs or crashes when opening and closing 50 tabs hang Allison Naaktgeboren :ally RESOLVED
1066924 [e10s] 'Open Link in New Tab' doesn't open anything dogfood Neil Deakin RESOLVED
1067721 [e10s] "Save Snapshot As" dialog box doesn't open Mike Conley (:mconley) (:⚙️) VERIFIED
1068142 [E10S] Firefox crashed after watching a video with e10s [bugday-20140922] David Parks [:handyman] RESOLVED
1068349 IPC message handlers that return false cause child process to crash without a crash report Mike Conley (:mconley) (:⚙️) RESOLVED
1068626 content process crash in mozilla::layers::ShadowLayerForwarder::IsSameProcess() crash, qawanted George Wright (:gw280) (needinfo me!) RESOLVED
1069317 about:neterror does not display with e10s enabled for cert pin violations Jim Mathies [:jimm] RESOLVED
1069966 [e10s] Right click menu not showing up for links in Zimbra email messages Neil Deakin RESOLVED
1071880 Notify user of addons that are slowing their browser down significantly Brad Lassey [:blassey] (use needinfo?) RESOLVED
1072280 [e10s] Right-click on bugzilla bug suggestion link fails with console error Jim Mathies [:jimm] RESOLVED
1073352 mochitests in debug builds with e10s enabled report window and docshell leaks [MemShrink:P2] Andrew McCreight [:mccr8] RESOLVED
1073872 [e10s] downloading attachment over https results in corrupted file Dragana Damjanovic [:dragana] RESOLVED
1074460 [e10s ] trouble installing addons when browser.tabs.autostart = true Dave Townsend [:mossop] RESOLVED
1075670 [e10s] event.screenX and event.screenY is wrong David Parks [:handyman] RESOLVED
1076314 Re-prompt nightly users to enable e10s :Felipe Gomes (needinfo for replies!) RESOLVED
1076820 Redraw on resize performance for content is pretty bad with e10s dev-doc-needed David Parks [:handyman] RESOLVED
1080212 [e10s] Add Telemetry probe for js exceptions that occur in the addon js compartment Allison Naaktgeboren :ally RESOLVED
1082134 [e10s] Failing to download entire file from SSL site in E10S mode RESOLVED
1082791 About:certerror should be loaded remotely :Felipe Gomes (needinfo for replies!) RESOLVED
1083325 HttpChannelChild's mSecurityInfo is null, fails for GetSecurityInfo e10s Jim Mathies [:jimm] RESOLVED
1083512 [E10S] Sometimes the browser restores 2 identical windows (Copy) from last session Steven MacLeod [:smacleod] RESOLVED
1085808 e10s crash when watching YouTube videos: mozilla::dom::PBrowserChild::SendGetInputContext(): "can't send sync message of a lesser priority than what's being dispatched" assertion, crash, reproducible Bill McCloskey [inactive unless it's an emergency] (:billm) RESOLVED
1088183 [e10s] make top window URI available in the parent http channel [:mmc] Monica Chew (no longer reading bugmail) RESOLVED
1088457 [e10s] probably can't get docshell from nsChannelClassifier Blake Kaplan (:mrbkap) (inactive) RESOLVED
1088691 e10s -- Lots of tests disabled because of promiseTabLoadEvent - should actually be fine? Mike Conley (:mconley) (:⚙️) RESOLVED
1089003 e10s prompt is really hard to get Mike Conley (:mconley) (:⚙️) RESOLVED
1089008 enable e10s on windows even without hardware acceleration Jim Mathies [:jimm] RESOLVED
1089230 add string overload for nsIDOMWindowUtils::loadSheet method (e10s) dev-doc-needed Dave Townsend [:mossop] RESOLVED
1089744 [e10s] Firefox spins forever trying to show the accessibility warning on linux Bill McCloskey [inactive unless it's an emergency] (:billm) RESOLVED
1089774 [e10s] Restart with e10s disabled if an existing e10s user enables tracking protection [:mmc] Monica Chew (no longer reading bugmail) RESOLVED
1090147 switch tab.attach() to use the new async Worker (e10s) Tomislav Jovanovic :zombie RESOLVED
1090430 [e10s] Restored foreground "about:preferences" tab just renders as a giant throbber image Steven MacLeod [:smacleod] VERIFIED
1090444 The Printing Progress dialog does not show progress or close when opened from the child process Mike Conley (:mconley) (:⚙️) RESOLVED
1091287 [e10s] If a background tab requests HTTP auth the tab isn't switched to before displaying the auth dialog Dave Townsend [:mossop] RESOLVED
1091964 [e10s] Don't send messages for isCallable and isConstructor CPOW hooks Bill McCloskey [inactive unless it's an emergency] (:billm) RESOLVED
1091970 [e10s] Package the shim's "object tag" along with all new CPOWs Bill McCloskey [inactive unless it's an emergency] (:billm) RESOLVED
1092163 after restart, restored e10s windows are non-e10s when tracking protection is enabled Blake Kaplan (:mrbkap) (inactive) VERIFIED
1093208 [e10s] Cannot save image Blake Kaplan (:mrbkap) (inactive) RESOLVED
1093689 Update the e10s notification :Felipe Gomes (needinfo for replies!) VERIFIED
1093691 enable e10s by default on Nightly (only) :Felipe Gomes (needinfo for replies!) VERIFIED
1093693 [e10s] Plugin hangs with new plugin IPC code Bill McCloskey [inactive unless it's an emergency] (:billm) RESOLVED
1093782 frequent plugin hangs on osx with e10s hang David Parks [:handyman] RESOLVED
1095559 Properly disable e10s when HW acceleration is disabled Dave Townsend [:mossop] RESOLVED
1095754 Sync remote plugin widget clipping, bounds, and visibility with the render frame Jim Mathies [:jimm] RESOLVED
1095930 QA plugins with e10s Chris Peterson [:cpeterson] RESOLVED
1096664 Plugin hang detector is currently disabled with e10s Bill McCloskey [inactive unless it's an emergency] (:billm) RESOLVED
1097998 [e10s] Warn when using CPOWs when content process isn't in a safe state Brad Lassey [:blassey] (use needinfo?) RESOLVED
1099274 Crash reporter fails to submit report for e10s crashed tab (test case) Mike Conley (:mconley) (:⚙️) RESOLVED
1099416 Add-on shims are disabled for new e10s window Bill McCloskey [inactive unless it's an emergency] (:billm) RESOLVED
1101193 Disable e10s on 11/24 Mike Conley (:mconley) (:⚙️) RESOLVED
1102410 AboutProtocolChild attempts to register the same factory twice for multiple nsIAboutModule's Mike Conley (:mconley) (:⚙️) RESOLVED
1102643 [e10s] Prefetching for add-on shims perf Bill McCloskey [inactive unless it's an emergency] (:billm) RESOLVED
1103255 [E10S] Text Input does not work with Flash Player with E10S Enabled David Parks [:handyman] RESOLVED
1104160 crash in CPOWTimer::~CPOWTimer() crash VERIFIED
1106104 Re-enable e10s by default on Nightly 37. Mike Conley (:mconley) (:⚙️) RESOLVED
1106147 Background plugins don't receive geometry updates in e10s Jim Mathies [:jimm] RESOLVED
1108761 Add class to let menulist > menupopup stylings apply to other popups Mike Conley (:mconley) (:⚙️) RESOLVED
1117867 Disable e10s on 01/06 Mike Conley (:mconley) (:⚙️) RESOLVED
1117934 Re-enable e10s by default on Nightly 38. Mike Conley (:mconley) (:⚙️) RESOLVED
1118618 [e10s] Slow script/plugin hang UI Bill McCloskey [inactive unless it's an emergency] (:billm) RESOLVED

89 Total; 0 Open (0%); 76 Resolved (85.39%); 13 Verified (14.61%);


Full Query
ID Summary Whiteboard Keywords Assigned to Status
963358 [e10s] Crashed tab's "Try again" button does not always reload tabs [Workaround and STR in comment 13] Mike Conley (:mconley) (:⚙️) VERIFIED
997325 Consider disabling XPCOM services in child process that conflict with sandboxing Bill McCloskey [inactive unless it's an emergency] (:billm) RESOLVED
1010732 Tooltips interfer with context menu mouse input with e10s Mike Conley (:mconley) (:⚙️) RESOLVED
1026093 Firefox crashes when loading Flash in an e10s window with hardware acceleration disabled crash, flashplayer, reproducible George Wright (:gw280) (needinfo me!) RESOLVED
1030137 Drag to scroll using touch input is broken with e10s on desktop Jim Mathies [:jimm] VERIFIED
1036682 Zooming map crashes in mozalloc_abort(char const*) | Abort | NS_DebugBreak | mozilla::layers::PLayerTransactionChild::SendPTextureConstructor(mozilla::layers::PTextureChild*, mozilla::layers::SurfaceDescriptor const&, mozilla::layers::TextureFlags const&) [leave-open] crash George Wright (:gw280) (needinfo me!) RESOLVED
1040158 Need a way to override multiprocessCompatible flag in install.rdf (AMO control for e10s-breaking add-ons) Dave Townsend [:mossop] RESOLVED
1047603 [e10s] Non-remote tabs and chrome in e10s windows do not handle target="_blank" or window.open links properly. Mike Conley (:mconley) (:⚙️) RESOLVED
1057908 [e10s] [EME] GeckoMediaPluginService needs to be proxied from Content processes to parent process Peter Van der Beken [:peterv] RESOLVED
1066383 HTML contextmenu attribute does not work in e10s Neil Deakin VERIFIED
1066531 [e10s] Switching tabs can result in old content being displayed for a split second after the tab bar is updated addon-compat, dev-doc-complete George Wright (:gw280) (needinfo me!) RESOLVED
1066812 e10s: child process continues running if parent process crashes Mike Conley (:mconley) (:⚙️) RESOLVED
1068360 [e10s] Mixed content blocker doorhanger doesn't work :Felipe Gomes (needinfo for replies!) RESOLVED
1068652 content process crash in imgRequest::GetURI at address 0x20 or 0x40 [adv-main39-] crash, sec-audit Seth Fowler [:seth] [:s2h] RESOLVED
1069571 Progress for downloads in an E10s private window does not show dogfood Steven MacLeod [:smacleod] RESOLVED
1071562 [e10s] Support non-text content types for content process clipboard Neil Deakin RESOLVED
1072287 [e10s] Tab Titles blinking on specific websites :Felipe Gomes (needinfo for replies!) RESOLVED
1072350 PDF Viewer "find in page" integration does not work for e10s [pdfjs-c-integration] Gabor Krizsanits (INACTIVE) VERIFIED
1072980 [e10s] "Force RTL" addon triggers crash in layout/inspector/inDeepTreeWalker.cpp call to GetChildren [caused by ForceRTL] crash Bill McCloskey [inactive unless it's an emergency] (:billm) RESOLVED
1073165 [e10s] TypeError: this._historyListener is null when clicking crashed tabs that were never loaded. Mike Conley (:mconley) (:⚙️) RESOLVED
1073957 Chrome script needs access to browser.docShell.currentDocumentChannel Jim Mathies [:jimm] RESOLVED
1074369 White strip at the bottom of fullscreened content on e10s windows on Mac Blake Kaplan (:mrbkap) (inactive) RESOLVED
1074971 [e10s] Switching, opening, and closing tabs doesn't work while a tab is loading dev-doc-complete :Felipe Gomes (needinfo for replies!) VERIFIED
1075122 Throbber never stops throbbing in remote tab Bill McCloskey [inactive unless it's an emergency] (:billm) RESOLVED
1077002 window.showmodaldialog does not work with e10s productwanted Blake Kaplan (:mrbkap) (inactive) RESOLVED
1077085 Tabs in a resized e10s window don't paint properly when selected Jim Mathies [:jimm] RESOLVED
1079351 [e10s] crash in js::jit::LInstructionVisitor::visitModPowTwoI(js::jit::LModPowTwoI*) crash RESOLVED
1080159 [e10s] investigate JS errors thrown by sync with e10s Allison Naaktgeboren :ally RESOLVED
1081797 e10s content hang on AddTypePropertyId / SetPropertyHelper Bill McCloskey [inactive unless it's an emergency] (:billm) RESOLVED
1082127 [e10s] window.moveTo and window.resizeTo not implemented George Wright (:gw280) (needinfo me!) RESOLVED
1082510 [e10s] Unable to select an item from a select list by click-drag-release dogfood Jim Mathies [:jimm] RESOLVED
1083648 JIT inspector is broken by compartment-per-addon Boris Zbarsky [:bzbarsky] RESOLVED
1084471 [e10s] Can navigate back to about:newtab RESOLVED
1084504 [e10s] Mixed content detection does not take redirection into account Tanvi Vyas[:tanvi] RESOLVED
1084558 browser_httphash6.js crashes in e10s mode Dave Townsend [:mossop] RESOLVED
1084637 [e10s] Mochitest does not receive some browser events Bill McCloskey [inactive unless it's an emergency] (:billm) RESOLVED
1085813 [e10s] Session restore fails to load about: pages if they are not the first tab RESOLVED
1086684 [e10s] "Lazarus: Form Recovery" add-on crashes in PBlobChild::SendGetFilePath() when attaching file to Bugzilla bug crash, reproducible Blake Kaplan (:mrbkap) (inactive) RESOLVED
1087646 e10s crash when setting cookies in a document that has null principals Blake Kaplan (:mrbkap) (inactive) RESOLVED
1088148 [e10s] crash in mozilla::a11y::DocAccessibleParent::AddChildDoc(mozilla::a11y::DocAccessibleParent*, unsigned __int64) maybe not e10s? see comment 14 crash, topcrash Trevor Saunders (:tbsaunde) RESOLVED
1088203 New tab screenshots showing my logged in sites (perhaps e10s related) regression Jim Mathies [:jimm] VERIFIED
1088540 [e10s] Email link does not work Neil Deakin VERIFIED
1089815 Printing and print preview from view source will be broken when bug 1082575 lands regression Mike Conley (:mconley) (:⚙️) RESOLVED
1090439 PPrinting calls from child to parent via ShowProgress and ShowPrintDialog should not be sync Mike Conley (:mconley) (:⚙️) RESOLVED
1090448 Make e10s printing work on Linux Mike Conley (:mconley) (:⚙️) VERIFIED
1090592 Investigate CPOWs and SpecialPower wrappers Gabor Krizsanits (INACTIVE) RESOLVED
1091705 [e10s] content process hang - js::baseops::SetPropertyHelper<(js::ExecutionMode)0> hang Bill McCloskey [inactive unless it's an emergency] (:billm) RESOLVED
1092121 Windowless flash mouse coords are broken with e10s Jim Mathies [:jimm] RESOLVED
1092446 [e10s] Unprivileged scopes can't call content-to-chrome CPOWs Bill McCloskey [inactive unless it's an emergency] (:billm) RESOLVED
1092525 [e10s] disabled-because-using-a11y pref is enabled due to touch screen Jim Mathies [:jimm] RESOLVED
1093161 [e10s] Searching from a new tab's address bar does not work the first time when e10s is enabled dogfood, regression, reproducible Dave Townsend [:mossop] RESOLVED
1093370 [e10s] No video with Flash, only audio. RESOLVED
1094170 (e10s) Error 400 on "Why was this page blocked" [bugday-20150603] Mike Conley (:mconley) (:⚙️) VERIFIED
1094172 (e10s) "Ignore this warning" stays stuck at a blocked site [good first verify][verify in Nightly only] Mike Conley (:mconley) (:⚙️) RESOLVED
1095761 Fixup Windows focus routing in the PluginInstances for e10s Jim Mathies [:jimm] RESOLVED
1095776 Deal with spurious WM_PAINT messages on plugin parent windows Jim Mathies [:jimm] RESOLVED
1095945 addon "YouTube Center" crashes the content process sending a CPOW to ask for navigator.userAgent crash Bill McCloskey [inactive unless it's an emergency] (:billm) RESOLVED
1096442 [e10s] Installation of search engine doesn't work, permissions prompt doesn't pop up/shown Dave Townsend [:mossop] RESOLVED
1096644 Attaching a patch to bugzilla crashes the content process when LastPass is installed Bill McCloskey [inactive unless it's an emergency] (:billm) RESOLVED
1096853 [e10s] Going back in a zoomed-in tab resets the zoom level David Parks [:handyman] RESOLVED
1097892 e10s graphics glitches caused by content scale mismatch David Parks [:handyman] RESOLVED
1098055 Sync SendMessage calls from plugin may deadlock in the new plugin model Jim Mathies [:jimm] RESOLVED
1099410 [e10s] Plugin loading is unexpectedly re-entrant Bill McCloskey [inactive unless it's an emergency] (:billm) RESOLVED
1100074 content process hanging when it should be showing a slow script dialog instead Blake Kaplan (:mrbkap) (inactive) RESOLVED
1100088 [e10s] HTML5 seek strange behavior on YouTube html5 David Parks [:handyman] RESOLVED
1101257 [e10s] Possible hang with CPOWs, nested event loop Bill McCloskey [inactive unless it's an emergency] (:billm) RESOLVED
1102368 [e10s] console.log not working in frame scripts Dave Townsend [:mossop] RESOLVED
1102970 Frequent hangs with e10s enabled dogfood, hang Bill McCloskey [inactive unless it's an emergency] (:billm) RESOLVED
1103177 [e10s] Native plugin windows in torn out tabs remain associated with original window Jim Mathies [:jimm] RESOLVED
1103248 E10S - Flash Player Right-Click Context Menu Does Not Display David Parks [:handyman] RESOLVED
1105048 CTP UI doesn't show up on incoming Google Hangouts call in an e10s window :Felipe Gomes (needinfo for replies!) RESOLVED
1108907 [e10s] Reliably hang when visiting grooveshark.com hang Bill McCloskey [inactive unless it's an emergency] (:billm) RESOLVED
1109066 [e10s] popup windows on vanguard.com do not work correctly Bill McCloskey [inactive unless it's an emergency] (:billm) RESOLVED
1109650 Add "Restore all crashed tabs" button to tab crashed page Dave Townsend [:mossop] VERIFIED
1110495 Wrap try/catch around e10s add-on shim initialization Mike Conley (:mconley) (:⚙️) RESOLVED
1111859 When using BasicLayers on OSX, e10s windows display no content George Wright (:gw280) (needinfo me!) RESOLVED
1111957 [e10s] Dragging e10s window between HiDPI and non-HiDPI displays causes text to be scaled incorrectly (again) regression Mike Conley (:mconley) (:⚙️) RESOLVED
1112243 [e10s] <select> dropdowns are blank, if there are many options (e.g. at http://www.bls.gov/data/inflation_calculator.htm ) regression Mike Conley (:mconley) (:⚙️) RESOLVED
1112385 [e10s] Black Screen on Google Maps Jeff Muizelaar [:jrmuizel] RESOLVED
1112604 [e10s] Attempting to save Google Calendar event fails, as it results in "too much recursion" Blake Kaplan (:mrbkap) (inactive) RESOLVED
1113559 [e10s] youtube video overlay from other pages when playing HTML5 video fullscreen Jim Mathies [:jimm] RESOLVED
1113967 adblock plus does not hide the elements any more when turn on e10s addon-compat Bill McCloskey [inactive unless it's an emergency] (:billm) RESOLVED
1117337 [e10s] Crash in mozilla::ipc::SerializeURI(nsIURI*, mozilla::ipc::URIParams&) [e10s] crash, testcase Blake Kaplan (:mrbkap) (inactive) RESOLVED
1117933 [e10s] Only announce that we're going to open a tab to input.mozilla.org if we're actually going to do it (only in the nightly update channel) :Felipe Gomes (needinfo for replies!) RESOLVED
1121072 Tab does not load on start up with two windows and minimum two tabs per window Bill McCloskey [inactive unless it's an emergency] (:billm) RESOLVED
1121791 [e10s] window size is calculated differently in e10s vs non-e10s George Wright (:gw280) (needinfo me!) RESOLVED
1123898 [e10s] non-pinned, selected tabs on unfocused windows only paint throbber on session restore until switched away from George Wright (:gw280) (needinfo me!) RESOLVED
1124408 [e10s] Crash in [ChildView keyDown:] when using password manager crash, topcrash-mac David Parks [:handyman] RESOLVED
1124933 Annotate crash reports when we kill the child process Bill McCloskey [inactive unless it's an emergency] (:billm) RESOLVED
1125325 Web content is not rescaled when OS X moves browser window from HiDPI laptop display to external display. regression David Parks [:handyman] VERIFIED
1126089 Investigate allowing messages to be sent from TabChildGlobal's unload event Bill McCloskey [inactive unless it's an emergency] (:billm) RESOLVED
1126245 [e10s] Crash on Disqus Password Change crash, regression, reproducible Bill McCloskey [inactive unless it's an emergency] (:billm) RESOLVED
1126311 Disable OMTC warning for new e10s windows on Linux if browser.remote.tabs.autostart.1 is true Mike Conley (:mconley) (:⚙️) RESOLVED
1127374 Make ContentParent::RecvLoadPlugin less failure prone Jim Mathies [:jimm] RESOLVED
1127378 Investigate why PluginWidgetParent::RecvGetNativePluginPort is failure prone Jim Mathies [:jimm] RESOLVED
1127379 Make TabParent::GetWidgetNativeData less failure prone Jim Mathies [:jimm] RESOLVED
1127794 Windowed plugin origin doesn't always match rendered content after a scroll Jim Mathies [:jimm] RESOLVED
1127927 [e10s] Save Page As... doesn't work regression Bill McCloskey [inactive unless it's an emergency] (:billm) VERIFIED
1128457 CookieServiceParent::RecvGetCookieString occasionally fails Bill McCloskey [inactive unless it's an emergency] (:billm) VERIFIED
1128951 [e10s] Right-click, save image as fails Bill McCloskey [inactive unless it's an emergency] (:billm) RESOLVED
1129003 [e10s] Stop using shims in page-mod Dave Townsend [:mossop] RESOLVED
1129575 Investigate why PPluginWidget's RecvCreate is failure prone Jim Mathies [:jimm] RESOLVED
1129997 [e10s] dropdown menu - The first time the first item is selected regardless of what I click George Wright (:gw280) (needinfo me!) RESOLVED
1130128 Scripts cached by nsFrameScriptExecutor leak when compiled in the current global [MemShrink] Andrew McCreight [:mccr8] RESOLVED
1130215 pagehide/unload events aren't caught in a frame script when closing a tab with e10s off Bill McCloskey [inactive unless it's an emergency] (:billm) RESOLVED
1131313 outer-window-destroyed notifications aren't received in a frame script when a browser gets destroyed with e10s off Bill McCloskey [inactive unless it's an emergency] (:billm) RESOLVED
1132072 [e10s] black frame sometimes seen when switching tabs Bill McCloskey [inactive unless it's an emergency] (:billm) RESOLVED
1132592 In-tree test plugin doesn't render properly with e10s Jim Mathies [:jimm] RESOLVED
1132874 Content process aborts on PPluginWidget::Msg_ParentShutdown crash, topcrash Jim Mathies [:jimm] VERIFIED
1133141 [e10s] EventTargetParent events cause unnecessary CPOW traffic Dave Townsend [:mossop] RESOLVED
1133237 [e10s] Hulu sometimes stays on screen after tab switch Jim Mathies [:jimm] RESOLVED
1133594 [e10s] Permit loading "process scripts" into content processes dev-doc-complete Bill McCloskey [inactive unless it's an emergency] (:billm) RESOLVED
1135729 [e10s] block e10s from being enabled when we don't have OMTC George Wright (:gw280) (needinfo me!) RESOLVED
1138678 Crash in [ChildView keyDown:] when dismissing password field in chrome content David Parks [:handyman] RESOLVED
1139010 [Homescreen][Header] When opening smart collections and returning home, the header where Rocketbar is will be blank [3.0-Daily-Testing] regression, smoketest David Parks [:handyman] VERIFIED
1142109 crash in WaitForSingleObjectEx | base::MessagePumpForIO::ScheduleWork() after logging in to newrelic.com crash Bill McCloskey [inactive unless it's an emergency] (:billm) VERIFIED

116 Total; 0 Open (0%); 100 Resolved (86.21%); 16 Verified (13.79%);


Full Query
ID Summary Whiteboard Keywords Assigned to Status
852944 [e10s] Add content process support to Gamepad backend Kyle Machulis [:qdot] [:kmachulis] (INACTIVE) RESOLVED
863514 Electrolysis: Make gesture support work Markus Stange [:mstange] RESOLVED
921935 Breakdown: [e10s] re-enable tests disabled due to focus related failures Neil Deakin RESOLVED
962705 Write an e10s migration guide for add-on authors Will Bamberg [:wbamberg] RESOLVED
966395 [e10s] Do bidi state detection in the parent process on OSX Blake Kaplan (:mrbkap) (inactive) RESOLVED
982319 [e10s] Network monitor and webconsole need to decode gzipped response bodies in the client [b2g][e10s-m6][polish-backlog] Gabor Krizsanits (INACTIVE) RESOLVED
988033 [e10s] RSS "Subscribe" toolbar button's menu commands does nothing Blake Kaplan (:mrbkap) (inactive) RESOLVED
1002880 [e10s] Web of Trust (WOT) addon's "Go to the site" and "Go back" buttons do not respond [e10s-top-addon] addon-compat, dogfood RESOLVED
1012917 e10s: ensure we instantiate content decoder(s) as needed for diverted channels Steve Workman [:sworkman] (INACTIVE) RESOLVED
1018639 [e10s] Mouse cursor indicates a bidirectional resize David Parks [:handyman] VERIFIED
1024021 Get telemetry working in the child process meta RESOLVED
1024437 [e10s] HTML5 datalist does not work Blake Kaplan (:mrbkap) (inactive) RESOLVED
1025146 [e10s] Never load the source off of the network when viewing source [polish-backlog] Mike Conley (:mconley) (:⚙️) RESOLVED
1030318 [e10s] Enable devtools/framework tests with e10s [status:inflight] Brian Grinstead [:bgrins] RESOLVED
1032663 e10s - Using an IME to type a sentence causes Nightly to think the tab has crashed RESOLVED
1036406 [e10s] Highlighter works but is not displayed after page navigation RESOLVED
1039040 Disable e10s shims for add-ons in the tree Bill McCloskey [inactive unless it's an emergency] (:billm) RESOLVED
1042687 [e10s] all words marked misspelled initially Allison Naaktgeboren :ally RESOLVED
1044228 [e10s] Pointer Lock API permissions dialogue doesn't work. Mike Conley (:mconley) (:⚙️) RESOLVED
1046512 Marionette breaks in e10s enabled Nightly [qa?] pi-marionette-goal, pi-marionette-server Chris Manchester (limited bugmail, email directly) RESOLVED
1049928 [E10S] Always crash after installing "ImTranslator" add-on addon-compat, crash Bill McCloskey [inactive unless it's an emergency] (:billm) RESOLVED
1050243 Assertion failure !mozilla::ipc::ProcessingUrgentMessages() at dom/events/EventDispatcher.cpp when running webconsole mochitests assertion, crash RESOLVED
1053963 [e10s] pass "ActivateSocialFeature" from content process to parent Allison Naaktgeboren :ally RESOLVED
1053967 [e10s] fix social api share RESOLVED
1053969 [e10s] fix/update social API tests not blocked by e10s provider activation Mark Hammond [:markh] [:mhammond] RESOLVED
1053971 [e10s] update Social.jsm panel resizing code RESOLVED
1053973 [e10s] update Social.jsm OpenGraphBuilder Shane Caraveo (:mixedpuppy) RESOLVED
1053974 [e10s] update MozSocialAPI.jsm RESOLVED
1055590 The view more link in the share panel doesn't work in e10s Mike Conley (:mconley) (:⚙️) RESOLVED
1058551 [e10s] The data: URI kitchen web page does not work properly Blake Kaplan (:mrbkap) (inactive) VERIFIED
1060643 The / keyboard shortcut doesn't work in Gmail with e10s [testday-20150710] dogfood David Parks [:handyman] VERIFIED
1067042 [e10s]bookmarking an e10s tab results in a blank name dataloss, dogfood, regression Bill McCloskey [inactive unless it's an emergency] (:billm) VERIFIED
1067350 [e10s] hash tag makes text in tweet 'invisible' with Adblock Plus installed RESOLVED
1068186 [e10s] Add search engine button on mozilla website does not work Dave Townsend [:mossop] RESOLVED
1068811 X11 cut-and-paste broken with e10s dogfood Blake Kaplan (:mrbkap) (inactive) RESOLVED
1071626 make the global WebRTC sharing indicators actually list the streams with e10s enabled Florian Quèze [:florian] VERIFIED
1073238 Split UITour.jsm into chrome and content parts that communicate via messages Tomasz Kołodziejski [:tomasz] RESOLVED
1073462 [e10s] Zoom level is reset Dave Townsend [:mossop] VERIFIED
1075111 Large image loaded in e10s tab acts strange, has issues with painting RESOLVED
1077023 e10s: Addons license link opens blank tab Mike Conley (:mconley) (:⚙️) RESOLVED
1079367 [e10s] crash in mozilla::net::HttpChannelParent::FailDiversion(tag_nsresult, bool) crash Dragana Damjanovic [:dragana] VERIFIED
1079392 [e10s] crash in mozilla::layers::CrossProcessCompositorParent::ForceComposite(mozilla::layers::LayerTransactionParent*) crash George Wright (:gw280) (needinfo me!) RESOLVED
1079665 [e10s] Findbar focusContent doesn't work when a link was found :Felipe Gomes (needinfo for replies!) VERIFIED
1080030 The collapsible whitespace surrounding the child of an <option> element is visible in the native drop-down boxes in the cocoa theme (no longer active) RESOLVED
1081879 [e10s] Can not get nsIHttpChannel in nsIWebProgressListener.onStateChange Bill McCloskey [inactive unless it's an emergency] (:billm) RESOLVED
1081891 [e10s] Calling webNavigation.loadURI with url that trigger unknownContentType.xul dialog change the tab title to its address Dave Townsend [:mossop] VERIFIED
1082331 [e10s][EME] GMPStorage needs to work in e10s Firefox Peter Van der Beken [:peterv] RESOLVED
1082764 [e10s] Entering the url to an XPI in the address bar will use the current page's URL as the referrer for security checking the install Dave Townsend [:mossop] RESOLVED
1082871 [e10s] Attempting to install an XPI that requires HTTP authentication should focus the tab performing the install Dave Townsend [:mossop] RESOLVED
1083365 [e10s] Tooltips don't always go away David Parks [:handyman] RESOLVED
1084655 findbar fails to auto-fill selected text in e10s mode Gabor Krizsanits (INACTIVE) RESOLVED
1085567 [e10s] PointerLock API reports very large values for mozMovementX/Y Jim Mathies [:jimm] VERIFIED
1087007 The e10s tab switch spinner can stay on the screen after restoring a session George Wright (:gw280) (needinfo me!) RESOLVED
1087367 Investigate making it harder to pass CPOWs to native code RESOLVED
1087966 e10s - Tab drag to new window results in incorrect "New Tab" tab title and a largely broken tab dogfood Dave Townsend [:mossop] VERIFIED
1087969 e10s - Tab drag to window fails to paint content for new tab on first display David Parks [:handyman] RESOLVED
1088126 [e10s] Context Menu displays all possible Menu Entries after dragging tab out of window Dave Townsend [:mossop] RESOLVED
1088180 [e10s] after dragging tab to new window, links with target blank open in tabs in old window instead of current window Mike Conley (:mconley) (:⚙️) RESOLVED
1090449 Closing the print settings dialog opened from the child process causes a "An error occurred while printing" alert box Mike Conley (:mconley) (:⚙️) RESOLVED
1094304 [e10s] Windowless flash video player on facebook displays fullscreen window behind browser window on first try Jim Mathies [:jimm] RESOLVED
1095970 Odd 'jumping' behaviour when typing with e10s enabled RESOLVED
1096080 (e10s) ProcessFirstMinidump processing appears broken Jim Mathies [:jimm] RESOLVED
1096093 [e10s] Scrollbar missing when e10s enabled Mike Conley (:mconley) (:⚙️) RESOLVED
1097386 [e10s] Browserscope.org Security tests get stuck on running the "Strict Transport Security" test and never finish Blake Kaplan (:mrbkap) (inactive) RESOLVED
1099959 e10s breaks File->Email Link ... option, with TypeError: aWindow is null browser.js RESOLVED
1101182 Firefox is unusably janky & pegs the CPU, with Web of Trust & large Facebook timeline, due to ~3x perf regression from e10s shim functions (in non-e10s session) perf, power, regression Gabor Krizsanits (INACTIVE) RESOLVED
1103133 [e10s] Playing 6-hour Chrome Dev Summit YouTube video from certain time point hangs browser after 1 minute David Parks [:handyman] RESOLVED
1103635 [e10s] New <select> dropdown doesn't honor RTL direction at all when e10s is enabled rtl George Wright (:gw280) (needinfo me!) RESOLVED
1106235 [e10s] Form autocompletion dropdown menu doesn't honor RTL rtl Mike Conley (:mconley) (:⚙️) RESOLVED
1108748 Display notification when add-ons are clearly causing problems with e10s (many CPOWs, for example), and make it easy to report Mike Conley (:mconley) (:⚙️) RESOLVED
1109654 tab switching distinctly slower when one tab (esp treeherder) has a focused link perf RESOLVED
1109875 [e10s] Stop using synchronous TabState.flush operations for onTabClose Tim Taubert [:ttaubert] (inactive) RESOLVED
1110884 Plugin IME broken on OS X 10.7 and 10.6 in non-e10s mode Steven Michaud [:smichaud] (Retired) RESOLVED
1110887 With e10s, plugin crash submit UI is broken Mike Conley (:mconley) (:⚙️) RESOLVED
1110888 [e10s] Plugin IME broken in e10s mode on OS X Steven Michaud [:smichaud] (Retired) RESOLVED
1112304 Flesh out about:tabcrashed to use all strings that final about:tabcrashed spec will use. Dave Townsend [:mossop] RESOLVED
1116854 [e10s] Let add-on shims ride the trains Gabor Krizsanits (INACTIVE) RESOLVED
1117016 [e10s] On print preview page "Landscape" option shows page as "Portrait" Mike Conley (:mconley) (:⚙️) RESOLVED
1117586 [e10s] Should be possible to open <select> from the keyboard Neil Deakin RESOLVED
1121272 [e10s] <select> dropdown list is not shown when redered as XHTML [Testday-20150619] George Wright (:gw280) (needinfo me!) VERIFIED
1121313 [e10s] Assertion failure: aCompositionEvent->message == (2200), at IMEStateManager.cpp:947 inputmethod Makoto Kato [:m_kato] RESOLVED
1122121 Imgur's upload-image-via-clipboard-paste is broken in e10s Neil Deakin RESOLVED
1122525 [e10s] Save image as wrong type [testday-20150710] Jim Mathies [:jimm] VERIFIED
1123090 [e10s] Location bar is missing URL, Opened link with target=_blank regression Bill McCloskey [inactive unless it's an emergency] (:billm) RESOLVED
1123774 [e10s] Ads overlapping videos while in fullscreen Jim Mathies [:jimm] RESOLVED
1123796 [e10s] context menu on a detached tab shows every entry. David Parks [:handyman] RESOLVED
1123916 [e10s] Flash plugin does not draw with dom.ipc.plugins.asyncInit = true (No longer employed by Mozilla) Aaron Klotz RESOLVED
1123996 [e10s] Save Image As don't save on first time Jim Mathies [:jimm] RESOLVED
1124076 Enabling e10s in Nightly breaks PSM's handling of application/x-x509-user-cert MIME type (<keygen> replies) regression Blake Kaplan (:mrbkap) (inactive) RESOLVED
1124881 apple-clicking to open a link in a new tab from a tab dragged out of a window opens the tab in the original window with e10s enabled David Parks [:handyman] RESOLVED
1125128 e10s breaks Facebook photo uploader regression David Parks [:handyman] RESOLVED
1126014 [e10s] nsIScriptSecurityManager domainPolicy doesn't seem to work with e10s Gabor Krizsanits (INACTIVE) VERIFIED
1127127 content doesn't paint in win7 vm with e10s [gfx-noted] George Wright (:gw280) (needinfo me!) RESOLVED
1127727 [e10s] Detached tab with shared video is displayed with a large throbber after re-attachment David Parks [:handyman] RESOLVED
1128050 [e10s] Save page as... doesn't always load from cache Mike Conley (:mconley) (:⚙️) RESOLVED
1128060 Torn-off tabs cannot be session-restored Dave Townsend [:mossop] RESOLVED
1128062 Web content blank in e10s mode running in Windows 7 in VMWare [gfx-noted][work around in comment 23] regression George Wright (:gw280) (needinfo me!) RESOLVED
1128079 Windowed plugin apps sometimes fail to paint after load Jim Mathies [:jimm] RESOLVED
1128214 [e10s] Crash on MDN -moz-appearance article page crash Jim Mathies [:jimm] VERIFIED
1128238 [e10s] Facebook's Flash video player does not respond to mouse input Jim Mathies [:jimm] VERIFIED
1129040 [e10s] Plugin block list tries to load blocklist and triggers exception in FileUtils.jsm Jim Mathies [:jimm] RESOLVED
1129564 [e10s] anchor navigation from the awesomebar removes the lock icon :Felipe Gomes (needinfo for replies!) RESOLVED
1130165 [e10s] flash blocklisting broken in e10s Jim Mathies [:jimm] RESOLVED
1130788 [e10s] Resizing browser causes spinner to appear indefinitely gfx-noted, hardware accel disabled, hardware info in comment 6 George Wright (:gw280) (needinfo me!) RESOLVED
1130838 crash in mozilla::layers::PLayerTransactionParent::Lookup(int) gfx-noted crash Jim Mathies [:jimm] RESOLVED
1130976 [e10s] Flash context menu causes CPOW deadlock with AdBlock Plus Brad Lassey [:blassey] (use needinfo?) RESOLVED
1131182 [e10s] With e10s enabled, the tracking protection shield & error-console logging doesn't reliably show up when things are blocked Blake Kaplan (:mrbkap) (inactive) RESOLVED
1131317 [e10s] Add-on shims are breaking weak referenced observers Bill McCloskey [inactive unless it's an emergency] (:billm) RESOLVED
1131375 [e10s] Sync messages cause async messages to be processed out of order when dispatched from the in content child process Bill McCloskey [inactive unless it's an emergency] (:billm) RESOLVED
1132530 [e10s] Firefox occasionally hangs with lots of tabs Bill McCloskey [inactive unless it's an emergency] (:billm) RESOLVED
1133189 crash in mozalloc_abort(char const* const) | NS_DebugBreak | mozilla::net::PNeckoChild::Write(mozilla::ipc::PrincipalInfo const&, IPC::Message*) crash Christoph Kerschbaumer [:ckerschb] VERIFIED
1133761 Try to improve addon shims to help with the e10s conversion process Gabor Krizsanits (INACTIVE) RESOLVED
1133981 [e10s] Stop sending unsafe CPOWs after the findbar has been closed in a remote browser dev-doc-complete :Gijs (he/him) VERIFIED
1135247 [e10s] Spinner of death opening Firefox through Remote Desktop (RDP) George Wright (:gw280) (needinfo me!) RESOLVED
1137933 Don't cache the docshell in WebNavigation in browser-child.js [MemShrink:P2] Bill McCloskey [inactive unless it's an emergency] (:billm) RESOLVED
1138746 Open in new e10s window is not disabled with hardware acceleration disabled George Wright (:gw280) (needinfo me!) RESOLVED
1140714 (e10s) ContentParent::RecvOpenAnonymousTemporaryFile is failure prone Jed Davis [:jld] ⟨⏰|UTC-7⟩ ⟦he/him⟧ VERIFIED
1141059 Ignore attempts to share e10s tabs [screensharing] Mike de Boer [:mikedeboer] VERIFIED
1141661 Delayed process scripts at chrome URLs aren't loaded in new processes Blake Kaplan (:mrbkap) (inactive) RESOLVED
1144906 WebGL uses readback on Windows with E10S Kelsey Gilbert [:jgilbert] RESOLVED
1146955 Make GMP plugin crash reporting UI work in e10s Mike Conley (:mconley) (:⚙️) RESOLVED
1147014 PlacesCommandHook.addLiveBookmark uses gBrowser.contentDocument, which doesn't exist in e10s browsers Mike Conley (:mconley) (:⚙️) RESOLVED
1147035 DeveloperToolbar.jsm uses gBrowser.contentDocument and gBrowser.contentWindow, which doesn't exist in e10s browsers Mike Conley (:mconley) (:⚙️) RESOLVED
1147156 Re-enable e10s by default for Nightly users who may have disabled it :Felipe Gomes (needinfo for replies!) RESOLVED
1147722 Disable TSF on e10s mode until bug 960836 is fixed Makoto Kato [:m_kato] RESOLVED
1147728 Attempts to create a KEYED_MUTEX texture on a WARP device fail on windows 7 Bas Schouten (:bas.schouten) RESOLVED
1148012 Add a run ID to NPAPI plugins. Mike Conley (:mconley) (:⚙️) RESOLVED
1148188 Add a method for creating add-on specific APIs Gabor Krizsanits (INACTIVE) RESOLVED
1149420 IndexedDB permission prompt does not work in e10s tabs. Blake Kaplan (:mrbkap) (inactive) RESOLVED
1149566 [webvr] Disable e10s autostart when dom.vr.enabled is true for now Vladimir Vukicevic [:vlad] [:vladv] (needinfo me, slow to respond) RESOLVED
1150120 Pass outerWindowID of frame up with contextmenu message Mike Conley (:mconley) (:⚙️) RESOLVED
1150200 Can't navigate back to previous page sometimes regression Mike Conley (:mconley) (:⚙️) RESOLVED
1150708 Gather telemetry on e10s block reason Bill McCloskey [inactive unless it's an emergency] (:billm) RESOLVED
1151828 unable to see options in a select box with e10s enabled on nightly George Wright (:gw280) (needinfo me!) RESOLVED
1152114 [e10s] Session fails to restore with e10s enabled Bill McCloskey [inactive unless it's an emergency] (:billm) RESOLVED
1152290 [e10s] "<select>" doesn't show selected value regression Neil Deakin VERIFIED
1152482 Make separators work in AutoCompleteE10SView Blake Kaplan (:mrbkap) (inactive) RESOLVED
1152585 [e10s] child offset is calculated incorrectly when browser.tabs.drawInTitlebar=false on OS X George Wright (:gw280) (needinfo me!) RESOLVED
1155359 nsTextBoxFrame doesn't layout RTL unless RTL characters are present George Wright (:gw280) (needinfo me!) RESOLVED
1155494 [e10s] Exiting fullscreen by press F11 takes 5 seconds perf, regression Blake Kaplan (:mrbkap) (inactive) RESOLVED
1155784 <optgroup> items are considered when selecting index of <select> in e10s mode George Wright (:gw280) (needinfo me!) RESOLVED
1155974 [e10s] If a plugin process is hung, closing its tab hangs the chrome process Jim Mathies [:jimm] RESOLVED
1155976 Loading plugins in a non-e10s window hangs the browser on Mac Brad Lassey [:blassey] (use needinfo?) RESOLVED
1156057 Right-clicking an image throws an error Jim Mathies [:jimm] RESOLVED
1156493 e10s: move .cacheKey to nsICacheInfoChannel so child channels can get/set it Michal Novotny [:michal] RESOLVED
1156592 Add Telemetry probe to measure async tab performance Jim Mathies [:jimm] RESOLVED
1156613 Fix e10s blocks conditioned to NIGHTLY_BUILD (and others) in preparation for Aurora merge :Felipe Gomes (needinfo for replies!) RESOLVED
1156857 Histograms seem to be gone in the child payload. Jim Mathies [:jimm] RESOLVED
1157193 crash in nsContentUtils::TransferableToIPCTransferable(nsITransferable*, mozilla::dom::IPCDataTransfer*, mozilla::dom::nsIContentChild*, mozilla::dom::nsIContentParent*) crash Neil Deakin VERIFIED
1157512 [e10s] Decrease the plugin hang timeout from 45 seconds to ??? for e10s plugins Bill McCloskey [inactive unless it's an emergency] (:billm) RESOLVED
1159327 [e10s] Accessibility blacklist client work Jim Mathies [:jimm] RESOLVED
1159331 [e10s] Enable accessibility more broadly on Nightly Jim Mathies [:jimm] RESOLVED
1161260 Make e10s possible to be opted-in on Aurora and display popup asking users to try it :Felipe Gomes (needinfo for replies!) RESOLVED

153 Total; 0 Open (0%); 131 Resolved (85.62%); 22 Verified (14.38%);

M7 through M8 Milestones

Release rollout blockers

Target: Q2 2015


Full Query
ID Summary Whiteboard Keywords Assigned to Status
250091 xul:menulist doesn't support the Page Up and Page Down keys access, helpwanted Neil Deakin RESOLVED
863515 Electrolysis: Make content.opener work Mike Conley (:mconley) (:⚙️) RESOLVED
874167 Use OOPP for Java on Windows (again) Jim Mathies [:jimm] RESOLVED
967873 Proxy nsDocumentViewer::PermitUnload to the child process (make beforeunload events and dialogs work for remote tabs / e10s) Bill McCloskey [inactive unless it's an emergency] (:billm) RESOLVED
1049285 [e10s] Option lists overlaps <select> element when the list expand to the upward direction [testday-20150821] George Wright (:gw280) (needinfo me!) VERIFIED
1053965 [e10s] fix activation from about:home :Felipe Gomes (needinfo for replies!) RESOLVED
1079122 [e10s] Bookmarklet is wrongfully labelled as pop-up window originating from current site testcase Blake Kaplan (:mrbkap) (inactive) RESOLVED
1080687 [e10s] Tabs appear to crash during system shutdown crash Jim Mathies [:jimm] RESOLVED
1089000 Remove broken code for detaching a tab to a new window Matthew N. [:MattN] RESOLVED
1091112 Print dialog doesn't get focus automatically, if e10s is enabled Mike Conley (:mconley) (:⚙️) RESOLVED
1094328 [e10s] Detaching XUL tabs (about:newtab, about:preferences, about:addons) leaves a ghost tab in the old window, and opens a blank tab in the new window Mike Conley (:mconley) (:⚙️) VERIFIED
1096459 [e10s] Address bar briefly shows "about:newtab" Mike Conley (:mconley) (:⚙️) RESOLVED
1096550 Dragging tab from one window to another on different displays zooms in Mike Conley (:mconley) (:⚙️) VERIFIED
1097219 Youtube Audio and Video downloader causing tab crash when loading Youtube homepage in E10S mode.. Bill McCloskey [inactive unless it's an emergency] (:billm) RESOLVED
1100498 Get error messages out of the js addon compartment to determine if we need to add shims Gabor Krizsanits (INACTIVE) RESOLVED
1101100 [e10s] Make “Save As… Complete Document” work in e10s tabs dogfood Jed Davis [:jld] ⟨⏰|UTC-7⟩ ⟦he/him⟧ VERIFIED
1105131 [e10s] Unable to add themes RESOLVED
1106396 [e10s] crash in mozilla::net::HttpChannelParentListener::OnDataAvailable(nsIRequest*, nsISupports*, nsIInputStream*, unsigned __int64, unsigned int) crash, topcrash Dragana Damjanovic [:dragana] RESOLVED
1106610 Startup crash in mozilla::jsipc::JavaScriptShared::toVariant(JSContext*, JS::Handle<JS::Value>, mozilla::jsipc::JSVariant*) crash Mike Conley (:mconley) (:⚙️) RESOLVED
1109570 [e10s] No "Feeds" section in the Page Info window Mike Conley (:mconley) (:⚙️) RESOLVED
1109984 [e10s] TypeError: contentDocument is null on https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/sync/ [lang=js] [good first bug] hharchani RESOLVED
1110090 crash in nsNPAPIPluginInstance::Stop() with e10s crash, regression Jim Mathies [:jimm] RESOLVED
1110123 e10s: multiprocessShims.js doesn't interpose nsIAboutModule's registered via chrome.manifest Gabor Krizsanits (INACTIVE) RESOLVED
1111555 [e10s] Ongoing download gets canceled in private browsing mode if tab starting the download gets closed [testday-20150821] Blake Kaplan (:mrbkap) (inactive) VERIFIED
1112292 [e10s] [meta] Fix Page Info dialog for e10s meta RESOLVED
1112646 Can't single-click select from a <select> element any more regression Mike Conley (:mconley) (:⚙️) RESOLVED
1114034 crash in nsTArray_base<nsTArrayInfallibleAllocator, nsTArray_CopyWithMemutils>::IncrementLength(unsigned int) | _PR_NativeRunThread | pr_root crash, topcrash-win RESOLVED
1115345 [e10s] "uitour" entry point does not work in e10s RESOLVED
1116038 [e10s] Disabled select option not disabled Neil Deakin RESOLVED
1116188 [e10s] Stop using sync messages for Gecko profiler Mike Conley (:mconley) (:⚙️) RESOLVED
1116471 e10s - option select="selected" not behaving properly RESOLVED
1117019 [e10s] UITour Link "Get started" on web page "Mozilla Firefox Web Browser — Keep your Firefox in sync " not functioning RESOLVED
1118089 [e10s] <select> dropdown list does not scroll by PageUp/PageDown key ux-consistency Neil Deakin RESOLVED
1119074 [e10s] keypress while popup menu is active should not be delivered to the web page George Wright (:gw280) (needinfo me!) RESOLVED
1121946 [E10s] Ensure that drop effect is updated properly on Windows Neil Deakin RESOLVED
1121947 [E10s] Ensure that drop effect is updated properly on OSX Neil Deakin RESOLVED
1123422 Selecting text rarely works the first time after drag scrolling the page Neil Deakin RESOLVED
1124728 All talos on OSX fails with running in e10s mode intermittent-failure Mike Conley (:mconley) (:⚙️) RESOLVED
1128162 [e10s] <select> dropdown list does not zoom (full zoom and/or text zoom) George Wright (:gw280) (needinfo me!) RESOLVED
1129957 [e10s] RemoteWebNavigation doesn't accept postdata or headers addon-compat :Felipe Gomes (needinfo for replies!) RESOLVED
1132006 "Restore all crashed tabs" doesn't restore all tabs in all windows dogfood Mike Conley (:mconley) (:⚙️) RESOLVED
1132518 [e10s] Document navigation with F6 doesn't work Neil Deakin RESOLVED
1133568 [e10s] Any keypresses after findbar has been opened in a remote browser causes "unsafe CPOW usage" RESOLVED
1134006 [e10s] Observer service shim causes unexpected CPOW traffic Blake Kaplan (:mrbkap) (inactive) RESOLVED
1134309 [e10s] Bad (omitted?) request headers uploading to vid.me Ben Turner (not reading bugmail, use the needinfo flag!) RESOLVED
1134458 [e10s] Find bar doesn't search properly after detaching a tab to a new window RESOLVED
1134518 Incorrect back-forward navigation in tab with lots of history and e10s enabled Tim Taubert [:ttaubert] (inactive) RESOLVED
1135619 [e10s] "Bookmark this Frame" in remote browser fails, causes NS_ERROR_XPC_CANT_PASS_CPOW_TO_NATIVE error and unsafe CPOW usage warnings Ian Moody [:Kwan] (UTC+1) RESOLVED
1135933 [e10s] "Set As Desktop Background..." in remote browser causes unsafe CPOW usage warning, TypeErrors, and then a NS_ERROR_XPC_CANT_PASS_CPOW_TO_NATIVE if you try to set it Ian Moody [:Kwan] (UTC+1) RESOLVED
1136478 [e10s] pagehide/show events not fired when swapping remote browsers Mike Conley (:mconley) (:⚙️) RESOLVED
1137269 [e10s] - all e10s tabs crash [@ mozalloc_abort(char const*) | Abort | NS_DebugBreak | mozilla::ipc::MessageChannel::DebugAbort crash Bill McCloskey [inactive unless it's an emergency] (:billm) RESOLVED
1137944 [e10s] Windowed plugins fail to paint correctly when the browser menu is displayed gfx-noted Jim Mathies [:jimm] RESOLVED
1138181 [e10s] Windowed plugins fail to position correctly when the browser menu is displayed Jim Mathies [:jimm] RESOLVED
1139718 Structured clone of Set and Regexp doesn't work via sendAsyncMessage if XPCOM objects are also sent Bill McCloskey [inactive unless it's an emergency] (:billm) RESOLVED
1140129 [e10s] Tab title not always updated Bill McCloskey [inactive unless it's an emergency] (:billm) RESOLVED
1140898 [e10s] "View" > "Switch Page Direction" doesn't work in e10s Ian Moody [:Kwan] (UTC+1) RESOLVED
1141734 [e10s] "This Frame" > "Print Frame…" in remote browser fails Ian Moody [:Kwan] (UTC+1) RESOLVED
1142219 [e10s] :target pseudo selectors doesn't get updated properly Gabor Krizsanits (INACTIVE) RESOLVED
1145728 [e10s] Cursor doesn't change back immediately after leaving a flash content on a page Jim Mathies [:jimm] RESOLVED
1145741 [e10s] ensure tab close button's visibility is based off visuallyselected attribute George Wright (:gw280) (needinfo me!) RESOLVED
1149253 Plugin cookie apis lock up the test plugin under e10s Mike Conley (:mconley) (:⚙️) RESOLVED
1149394 amazon.com search pages now display URL as page title in e10s regression, reproducible RESOLVED
1149552 Disabled plugins do not display the "manage addons" ui in e10s tabs RESOLVED
1149745 [e10s] Using the keyboard doesn't set the value in a <select> element Neil Deakin VERIFIED
1150996 Change arewee10syet to sort by most popular addons from AMO Tracy Walker [:tracy] RESOLVED
1150998 On arewee10syet, add a status category for risk of slowing Firefox down in CPOW usage. Tracy Walker [:tracy] RESOLVED
1151000 Add a chart to arewee10syet to indicate the total number of addons in each status. Tracy Walker [:tracy] RESOLVED
1151840 Child abort on send signature @ mozilla::dom::PStorageChild::SendPreload(nsCString const &,unsigned int const &,nsTArray<nsString> *,nsTArray<nsString> *,nsresult *) crash Blake Kaplan (:mrbkap) (inactive) RESOLVED
1151848 Child abort on send signature @ mozilla::hal_sandbox::PHalChild::SendGetCurrentScreenConfiguration(mozilla::hal::ScreenConfiguration *) crash Blake Kaplan (:mrbkap) (inactive) RESOLVED
1151849 Child abort on send signature @ mozilla::dom::TabChild::DoSendBlockingMessage(JSContext *,nsAString_internal const &,mozilla::dom::StructuredCloneData const &,JS::Handle<JSObject *>,nsIPrincipal *,nsTArray<nsString> *,bool) crash Bill McCloskey [inactive unless it's an emergency] (:billm) RESOLVED
1151851 Child abort on send signature @ mozilla::dom::PContentChild::SendPRemoteSpellcheckEngineConstructor(mozilla::PRemoteSpellcheckEngineChild *) crash RESOLVED
1152109 [e10s] Flash widget disappears/flashes when caret is in the widget [testday-20150821] regression Jim Mathies [:jimm] RESOLVED
1152300 [e10s] Windowed Flash steals keyboard input targeted at content Jim Mathies [:jimm] RESOLVED
1152326 [e10s] Flash plugin is continuously flickering if multiple browsers are opened gfx-noted regression Jim Mathies [:jimm] RESOLVED
1153872 CPOW abort in mozilla::dom::PBrowserChild::SendGetTabOffset(mozilla::gfx::IntPointTyped<mozilla::LayoutDevicePixel> *) regression Gabor Krizsanits (INACTIVE) RESOLVED
1154841 Click-drag-select-releasing on a <select> element causes the <select> to always open on next click. Jim Mathies [:jimm] RESOLVED
1155789 [e10s] Null deref in nsFrameLoader::DoSendAsyncMessage crash Bill McCloskey [inactive unless it's an emergency] (:billm) VERIFIED
1156871 [e10s] Drag and drop tabs do not display CTP notifications Mike Conley (:mconley) (:⚙️) RESOLVED
1157941 [e10s] Page openings aren't always smooth and often produce a flashing effect. regression, reproducible George Wright (:gw280) (needinfo me!) RESOLVED
1158198 When swapping docshells the frameloader reloads all existing framescripts Gabor Krizsanits (INACTIVE) RESOLVED
1158377 Link drag-and-drop doesn't work properly when viewing source from a remote browser Mike Conley (:mconley) (:⚙️) RESOLVED
1158561 [e10s] Browser hang in PluginModuleParent::NPP_ClearSiteData() hang Brad Lassey [:blassey] (use needinfo?) RESOLVED
1160140 [e10s] Windows content processes wait for UI events in MessageChannel::WaitForInterruptNotify() for plugin ipc Jim Mathies [:jimm] RESOLVED
1160142 [e10s] Hang detector browser stacks should be taken before we message the UI Jim Mathies [:jimm] RESOLVED
1160568 [e10s] Issues with the Permissions-pane in Page Info regression Mike Conley (:mconley) (:⚙️) RESOLVED
1162329 Enable test_form_autocomplete_with_list.html for e10s Blake Kaplan (:mrbkap) (inactive) RESOLVED
1162700 With e10s, need to initialize app-info sooner in the content process - before graphics is Milan Sreckovic [:milan] (needinfo for best results) RESOLVED
1163560 [e10s] Undo closed tab doesn't restore the correct state of a bug when using BMO's modal view RESOLVED
1163900 crash in mozilla::net::nsHttpChannelCacheKey::GetData(unsigned int*, nsACString_internal&) crash, csectype-uaf, regression, sec-critical Michal Novotny [:michal] RESOLVED
1164011 [e10s] regression: we're accidentally filtering out CPOWS in interposeProperty Gabor Krizsanits (INACTIVE) RESOLVED
1164014 [e10s] Shim optimization Gabor Krizsanits (INACTIVE) RESOLVED
1164139 window.open does not work in some cases with e10s enabled Mike Conley (:mconley) (:⚙️) RESOLVED
1164543 [e10s] Hung child processes prevent the browser from shutting down Bill McCloskey [inactive unless it's an emergency] (:billm) RESOLVED
1164640 [e10s] Reset the a11y disabled flag :Felipe Gomes (needinfo for replies!) RESOLVED
1166264 arewee10syet bug links should be resolved if duplicate of resolved [Form History Control] Tracy Walker [:tracy] RESOLVED
1166395 [e10s] - all tabs crashing when attempting to attach files for upload/email etc.. crash, crashreportid Blake Kaplan (:mrbkap) (inactive) RESOLVED
1166932 [e10s]&[non-e10s] - all tabs crash when quickly typing several chars into Facebook's "To:" messenger field sec-critical (no longer active) VERIFIED
1167909 Keyword search stop working in Fx41 in some site regression :Felipe Gomes (needinfo for replies!) RESOLVED
1168212 [e10s] select element can show no options if the anchoring element is narrow George Wright (:gw280) (needinfo me!) RESOLVED
1168247 [e10s]Can't display select element when adding many option elements. regression George Wright (:gw280) (needinfo me!) RESOLVED
1169402 [e10s] Telemetry payloads from the child aren't propagating to the parent Jim Mathies [:jimm] RESOLVED
1170488 browser.documentURI goes out of sync when doing same-document navigation in e10s regression Mike Conley (:mconley) (:⚙️) RESOLVED
1171537 [e10s] Content process crash doing window.open into a new window from data: document Mike Conley (:mconley) (:⚙️) RESOLVED
1171973 [e10s] blur event does not fire on <select> element with e10s [dupe me][parity-chrome][parity-IE] Neil Deakin RESOLVED
1172491 Enable e10s in safe mode Mike Conley (:mconley) (:⚙️) RESOLVED
1175677 [e10s] 3-way WaitForMessage hang clicking on the test plugin Jim Mathies [:jimm] RESOLVED
1175999 OS X Shared Memory implementation leaks invisibly [MemShrink] Mike Conley (:mconley) (:⚙️) RESOLVED
1177854 Enable mozilla-central enabled e10s tests on aurora Bill McCloskey [inactive unless it's an emergency] (:billm) RESOLVED

108 Total; 0 Open (0%); 100 Resolved (92.59%); 8 Verified (7.41%);


Full Query
ID Summary Whiteboard Keywords Assigned to Status
653065 Make the lightweight theme web installer ready for e10s Jimmy Wang (:jimicy) - works on e10s stuff RESOLVED
664163 Fix Get(Local|Remote)(Address|Port) in HttpChannelChild Dragana Damjanovic [:dragana] RESOLVED
863512 Fix drag and drop PageThumbs callers in browser Gabor Krizsanits (INACTIVE) RESOLVED
873923 Make anchored popups work with e10s Neil Deakin RESOLVED
949666 [e10s] Refactor file picker code to work better across processes Tom S [:evilpie] RESOLVED
1040947 [e10s] Opening page info from a remote tab is sluggish Jimmy Wang (:jimicy) - works on e10s stuff RESOLVED
1047713 [e10s] optgroup in <select> should not be selectable [testday-20150821] Neil Deakin VERIFIED
1066663 Selecting text with e10s autostart usually fails with first attempt Neil Deakin RESOLVED
1072501 We probably don't use DIBTextureClient with e10s Bas Schouten (:bas.schouten) RESOLVED
1089090 [e10s] Custom CSS cursors don't work in remote pages Neil Deakin VERIFIED
1089938 [e10s] Selenium WebDriver does not work David Burns :automatedtester RESOLVED
1095236 [e10s] window.open(..., ..., "dialog=1") breaks with e10s enabled dev-doc-complete, site-compat Mike Conley (:mconley) (:⚙️) RESOLVED
1095475 [e10s] Remove Underline from tabs Bill McCloskey [inactive unless it's an emergency] (:billm) RESOLVED
1095732 [e10s] Graphics artifacts after restore RESOLVED
1095958 [e10s] removing form autocomplete entries with delete doesn't work RESOLVED
1096081 e10s - cannot undo close tab and/or restore session for about:config, about:addons, etc. RESOLVED
1096122 [e10s] Screen flashes white when navigating with f.lux running RESOLVED
1096711 site specific font size not restored when hitting Back from viewing an image in an e10s window RESOLVED
1096804 [e10s] Support windows taskbar previews and thumbnails productwanted Jim Mathies [:jimm] RESOLVED
1098131 [e10s] Content area flashes white when browser window is un-minimized George Wright (:gw280) (needinfo me!) RESOLVED
1099491 [e10s] middle-click scroll doesn't toggle properly Neil Deakin RESOLVED
1100436 [e10s] middle click on empty part of about:newtab does not follow the link from clipboard Blake Kaplan (:mrbkap) (inactive) RESOLVED
1100602 [e10s] crash in mozilla::a11y::ProxyAccessible::Shutdown() crash, topcrash-win Lorien Hu (:lsocks) VERIFIED
1101546 [e10s] window.open returns closed window testcase RESOLVED
1106321 Printing Page Setup Settings Disobeyed Under e10s Mike Conley (:mconley) (:⚙️) RESOLVED
1106527 [UX] Need to replace e10s page loading spinner [ux] George Wright (:gw280) (needinfo me!) RESOLVED
1107494 [e10s] No "Change Search Settings" button on about:home page [ui][fxsearch] Ursula Sarracini (:ursula) RESOLVED
1109087 [e10s] Global indicator is dismissed after closing a loop call even though other active items are using the indicator at the same time :Felipe Gomes (needinfo for replies!) VERIFIED
1109542 [e10s] Middle click not working on about:about pages Michael Weisz RESOLVED
1109714 Handle anonymous XUL feed subscriber UI in e10s George Wright (:gw280) (needinfo me!) VERIFIED
1110511 Implement about:tabcrashed spec Mike Conley (:mconley) (:⚙️) VERIFIED
1110690 [e10s] EV identifier is no longer displayed in Location Bar/Arrow Panel after a restart of Firefox RESOLVED
1111892 Content process hangs when right-clicking windowed Flash object on linux George Wright (:gw280) (needinfo me!) RESOLVED
1113196 Don't pass the existing document for top-level loads to the loadinfo Blake Kaplan (:mrbkap) (inactive) RESOLVED
1114299 [e10s] link with target="_blank" opens window with no tabs/toolbars/menus [STR in comment 5] Mike Conley (:mconley) (:⚙️) VERIFIED
1116478 Cmd+clicking a mailto link to open it in a new tab with gmail handling mailto links will leave an extra empty tab behind in e10s Blake Kaplan (:mrbkap) (inactive) RESOLVED
1119442 [e10s][ux] UX for the slow script/plugin hang notification [ux-qx][ux] uiwanted Jim Mathies [:jimm] RESOLVED
1119884 [e10s] tons of "JavaScript Warning: "unsafe CPOW usage"" in e10s bc1 logs RESOLVED
1121052 about:tabcrashed displays at the zoom level of the crashed page Blake Kaplan (:mrbkap) (inactive) VERIFIED
1122722 ImageBridgeParent::RecvUpdate calls layers::Compositor::GetBackend from the wrong thread (e10s) [adv-main36-] sec-high Milan Sreckovic [:milan] (needinfo for best results) RESOLVED
1125385 [e10s] Install Certificate Authority (CA) dialog not displayed Blake Kaplan (:mrbkap) (inactive) RESOLVED
1125471 [e10s] Plugin shutdown is wonky in e10s Bill McCloskey [inactive unless it's an emergency] (:billm) RESOLVED
1126231 [e10s] closing a browser window with tabs sharing the camera or microphone leaves the global sharing indicator visible RESOLVED
1128159 [e10s] width of dropdown list should be follow the <select> element width George Wright (:gw280) (needinfo me!) RESOLVED
1128454 KillHard aborts in mozilla::dom::PContentChild::SendLoadPlugin Jim Mathies [:jimm] RESOLVED
1128882 [e10s] Unable to Restore all tabs after Refreshing Nightly Tim Nguyen :ntim VERIFIED
1129174 [e10s] Plugin hangs can cause slow script UI to appear Jim Mathies [:jimm] RESOLVED
1133505 E10S tabs crash in different windows but the Restart all crashed tabs only works on one RESOLVED
1133569 [e10s] Back/forward gesture causes "unsafe CPOW usage" warning Neil Deakin RESOLVED
1133577 [e10s] "Open Link in New Tab" in remote browser causes unsafe CPOW usage warning Ian Moody [:Kwan] (UTC+1) RESOLVED
1134222 [e10s] "Save Link As..."/"Bookmark This Link" in remote browser causes unsafe CPOW usage warning addon-compat Ian Moody [:Kwan] (UTC+1) RESOLVED
1134227 [e10s] "Open Link in New Window" in remote browser causes unsafe CPOW usage warning Ian Moody [:Kwan] (UTC+1) RESOLVED
1134252 [e10s] PBrowserChild::SendGetRenderFrameInfo fails with 'message was deserialized, but contained an illegal value' gfx-noted Mike Conley (:mconley) (:⚙️) RESOLVED
1134391 [e10s] "View Image/Video" in remote browser causes unsafe CPOW usage warning Ian Moody [:Kwan] (UTC+1) RESOLVED
1134399 [e10s] Using context-menu media controls in remote browser causes unsafe CPOW usage warning Ian Moody [:Kwan] (UTC+1) RESOLVED
1134409 [e10s] "Full Screen" in remote browser causes unsafe CPOW usage warning Ian Moody [:Kwan] (UTC+1) RESOLVED
1134424 [e10s] "Save Image/Audio/Video As..." in remote browser causes unsafe CPOW usage warning Ian Moody [:Kwan] (UTC+1) RESOLVED
1134585 [e10s] "View Selection/MathML Source" in remote browser causes unsafe CPOW usage warning Neil Deakin RESOLVED
1134708 [e10s] "This Frame > Show/Open" commands causes unsafe CPOW usage warning Ian Moody [:Kwan] (UTC+1) RESOLVED
1134769 [e10s] BrowserUtils.jsm spams the web console with "unsafe CPOW usage" warnings because of getFocusSync Neil Deakin RESOLVED
1135916 [e10s] "Copy Email Address" in remote browser causes unsafe CPOW usage warning Ian Moody [:Kwan] (UTC+1) RESOLVED
1135934 [e10s] "View Background Image" and "View Description" in remote browser cause unsafe CPOW usage warning Ian Moody [:Kwan] (UTC+1) RESOLVED
1139400 [e10s] Thumbnails flicker when tab groups are resized [bugday-20150826] platform-parity, regression Jim Mathies [:jimm] VERIFIED
1139953 Accept cookie dialog shown in private window when e10s enabled [backout-asap] Blake Kaplan (:mrbkap) (inactive) RESOLVED
1139964 [e10s] Framescripts don't have Promise defined Boris Zbarsky [:bzbarsky] RESOLVED
1140512 (e10s) FindBar stops communicating properly with content after remoteness change [good next bug][lang=js] Iaroslav Sheptykin VERIFIED
1140859 [e10s] nsContextMenu.saveHelper() in remote browser causes unsafe CPOW usage warnings Ian Moody [:Kwan] (UTC+1) RESOLVED
1140878 [e10s] "Switch Page Direction" in remote browser causes unsafe CPOW usage warnings Ian Moody [:Kwan] (UTC+1) RESOLVED
1141041 [e10s] Opening the "View" > "Page Style" menu in remote browser causes unsafe CPOW usage warnings addon-compat Mike Conley (:mconley) (:⚙️) VERIFIED
1141160 [e10s] "Reload Image" in remote browser causes unsafe CPOW usage warning Ian Moody [:Kwan] (UTC+1) RESOLVED
1141186 [e10s] "Share (This (Link|Image|Video)|Selection)" in remote browser causes unsafe CPOW usage warning Ian Moody [:Kwan] (UTC+1) RESOLVED
1141337 [e10s] "Save Page|Frame As..." in remote browser causes unsafe CPOW usage warnings Mike Conley (:mconley) (:⚙️) RESOLVED
1141346 [e10s] "This Frame" > "Reload Frame" in remote browser causes unsafe CPOW usage warning Ian Moody [:Kwan] (UTC+1) RESOLVED
1141350 [e10s] "Add a Keyword for this Search…" in remote browser causes unsafe CPOW usage warnings Ian Moody [:Kwan] (UTC+1) RESOLVED
1141657 [e10s] <xul:browser> webNavigation and docShell properties sometimes go away RESOLVED
1141709 [e10s] Make IsMainProcessWidgetVisible message urgent Bill McCloskey [inactive unless it's an emergency] (:billm) RESOLVED
1141718 [e10s] Mouse cursor disappears when mousing out of flash player on Hulu.com Jim Mathies [:jimm] RESOLVED
1141732 [e10s] "This Frame" > "Print Frame…" in remote browser causes unsafe CPOW usage warning Mike Conley (:mconley) (:⚙️) RESOLVED
1142034 [e10s] Don't show "Restore All Crashed Tabs" when only one tab open Ursula Sarracini (:ursula) RESOLVED
1144493 [e10s] clicking the identity popup's More information button displays the Page Info window's General tab, not the Security tab [firefox-ui-tests] Mark Hammond [:markh] [:mhammond] VERIFIED
1144631 Secured ftp:// with authentication dialog box not working on E10S Blake Kaplan (:mrbkap) (inactive) RESOLVED
1145916 printing multiple copies doesn't work with e10s Mike Conley (:mconley) (:⚙️) RESOLVED
1146454 Remove CPOW usage in printing Mike Conley (:mconley) (:⚙️) RESOLVED
1146566 [e10s] browser_markupview_tag_edit_03.js causes unsafe CPOW usage warnings Patrick Brosset <:pbro> RESOLVED
1146568 [e10s] browser_markupview_tag_edit_08.js causes unsafe CPOW usage warnings Patrick Brosset <:pbro> RESOLVED
1146591 [e10s] helper_outerhtml_test_runner.js causes unsafe CPOW usage warnings Patrick Brosset <:pbro> RESOLVED
1147276 e10s breaks Google Calendar event's "Add Guest" name autocompletion and saving event Blake Kaplan (:mrbkap) (inactive) RESOLVED
1148505 Opening the back-button popup menu causes unsafe CPOW usage warnings Neil Deakin RESOLVED
1148601 tab.getThumbnail doesn't function in e10s RESOLVED
1149609 [e10s] View source for remote browsers causes unsafe CPOW usage warning RESOLVED
1150351 test_deferred_start.html failing on Linux mochitest-e10s David Baron :dbaron: (⌚️UTC-4, no longer working on Mozilla) RESOLVED
1152034 [e10s] block e10s on winxp 64-bit Bob Owen (:bobowen) RESOLVED
1152049 [e10s][apz] Windowed plugins aren't clipped by scrollbars gfx-noted regression Markus Stange [:mstange] RESOLVED
1152080 [e10s] Flash disappears when the Flash overlaps the element(position:fixed) even a little gfx-noted regression Jim Mathies [:jimm] RESOLVED
1152119 Tracking protection shield doesn't show up on pages that have a script blocked due to a CORS issue [e10s] site-compat Blake Kaplan (:mrbkap) (inactive) RESOLVED
1152120 [e10s] Cannot type text at any Flash widget If windowed Flash widget has been the focus once RESOLVED
1152352 The click frequency cap on suggested tiles does not work with e10s Ursula Sarracini (:ursula) RESOLVED
1152866 [e10s] Pointer is locked, but still visible on three.js demo RESOLVED
1153518 [e10s] Location bar retains invisible selection and does not permit text drop Neil Deakin VERIFIED
1153733 [e10s] Candidate window isn't located on correct position on 10.10 with Apple input method Makoto Kato [:m_kato] RESOLVED
1153809 [e10s] crash in _os_lock_corruption_abort | AppleVDADecoder::InitializeSession() in the content process on mac crash, topcrash-mac Steven Michaud [:smichaud] (Retired) VERIFIED
1153957 [e10s] Text rendered with grayscale instead of sub-pixel anti-aliasing regression RESOLVED
1154095 [E10s] Scrolling pages in one window causes Flash video on the other window to flash RESOLVED
1154552 about:plugin seems to break the back button by making it go to a page in a deleted forward branch in e10s windows RESOLVED
1155977 Disable non-e10s window ux options on aurora and up RESOLVED
1156703 [e10s] Detaching a 1st tab does not work if drop the 1st tab onto contents area regression Olli Pettay [:smaug][bugs@pettay.fi] RESOLVED
1158111 Add caching and control updating tab offset values in the child from the parent side Jim Mathies [:jimm] RESOLVED
1158574 View Image Info on images does not display the image in Page Info > Media RESOLVED
1158575 Content does not get subpixel AA with e10s when unaccelerated Bas Schouten (:bas.schouten) RESOLVED
1158798 [e10s] If mouse is plugged in, inline scrollbars are not used even if OS X is configured for them Mike Conley (:mconley) (:⚙️) RESOLVED
1159827 [e10s] We always show the spinner when closing a tab polish Mike Conley (:mconley) (:⚙️) RESOLVED
1160166 [e10s] Disabled plugin meta information often isn't available to content processes Brad Lassey [:blassey] (use needinfo?) RESOLVED
1160279 [e10s] Dragging a file into an e10s tab doesn't load that file Dave Townsend [:mossop] RESOLVED
1162718 Page Info window locks Windows with e10s RESOLVED
1162871 [e10s] Remove sync TabState.flush() call from SessionStore.duplicateTab() Tim Taubert [:ttaubert] (inactive) RESOLVED
1163478 [e10s] Visual feedback should be provided during drag a tab when detaching tab ux-userfeedback RESOLVED
1163570 [e10s] Flash Player content appears on top of firefox tabs like the New Tab Page, Options, Customize and the Add-ons Manager flashplayer Jim Mathies [:jimm] RESOLVED
1163642 Save Page As does not work properly for page reached via POST request after cache is cleared Jed Davis [:jld] ⟨⏰|UTC-7⟩ ⟦he/him⟧ RESOLVED
1164508 [e10s] Selecting "Kill Content" in response to a plugin hang breaks future plugin loads Jim Mathies [:jimm] RESOLVED
1165558 e10s - when downloading a pdf, Firefox automatically saves; no choice/dialogue box for opening in an application (i.e. Acrobat) Blake Kaplan (:mrbkap) (inactive) VERIFIED
1165782 [e10s] Select's options are no longer selected on mouse up platform-parity, testcase George Wright (:gw280) (needinfo me!) RESOLVED
1166323 [e10s] Assertion failure: aCompositionEvent->message == (2200), at IMEStateManager.cpp:935 inputmethod Makoto Kato [:m_kato] RESOLVED
1166450 [e10s] Closing Fx via Windows X with cam/mic capture active leaves hanging Fx process and gUM permissions on screen RESOLVED
1167215 video doesn't invalidate after dragging tab out to new window Bobby Holley (:bholley) VERIFIED
1167600 [e10s] Cannot print preview "about:" pages in e10s windows Chirag Bhatia RESOLVED
1167818 [e10s] background tabs use CPU as though they're in foreground, following "Restore All Crashed Tabs" perf, power Tim Taubert [:ttaubert] (inactive) RESOLVED
1168005 [e10s] NS_QUERY_TEXT_RECT to content process doesn't return mString Makoto Kato [:m_kato] RESOLVED
1168691 [e10s] The scrollbar for <select> appears on the right side with "direction: rtl" reproducible, rtl, testcase George Wright (:gw280) (needinfo me!) RESOLVED
1168768 Trying to log in with the "Secure Login" addon button crashes the browser crash, regression RESOLVED
1169232 [gtk3] White text on grey background on notification toolbar. Martin Stránský [:stransky] (ni? me) RESOLVED
1169268 [e10s] tab crashes when user paste files if [contenteditable] is around crash, regression, reproducible Blake Kaplan (:mrbkap) (inactive) VERIFIED
1170484 [e10s] Text correction reverts after correcting a spelling error in Facebook comment regression Bobby Holley (:bholley) RESOLVED
1171127 Ghost windows on washingtonpost.com with e10s enabled [MemShrink:P1] memory-leak, perf Valentin Gosu [:valentin] (he/him) RESOLVED
1171173 After start, Disabling/Enabling uBlock considerably lowers page load times with E10s perf, regression Bill McCloskey [inactive unless it's an emergency] (:billm) RESOLVED
1171215 [e10s] Websockets upgrade request does not include cookies with e10s Blake Kaplan (:mrbkap) (inactive) RESOLVED
1171550 [e10s] Printing fails when no printers set up Mike Conley (:mconley) (:⚙️) RESOLVED
1171708 [e10s] Stop using CPOWs for window closing Mike Conley (:mconley) (:⚙️) RESOLVED
1172014 [e10s] font subpixel anti-aliasing disabled when e10s enabled [gfx-noted] Bas Schouten (:bas.schouten) RESOLVED
1172888 Preference 'extensions.bootstrappedAddons' not updated properly. Bill McCloskey [inactive unless it's an emergency] (:billm) RESOLVED
1173219 Make TabParent::RecvCreateWindow less crash prone Mike Conley (:mconley) (:⚙️) RESOLVED
1173451 Lots of JavaScript error: resource://gre/modules/RemoteAddonsChild.jsm, line 27: TypeError: invalid 'in' operand dict in safe mode with e10s enabled Gabor Krizsanits (INACTIVE) VERIFIED
1173947 CPOW abort in SendGetRandomValues crash Bill McCloskey [inactive unless it's an emergency] (:billm) RESOLVED
1173948 CPOW abort in Resize(unsigned int) crash Blake Kaplan (:mrbkap) (inactive) RESOLVED
1174857 [e10s] Safe mode isn't sent to content process Benoit Girard (:BenWa) RESOLVED
1175056 Owncloud mail issue with e10S Blake Kaplan (:mrbkap) (inactive) RESOLVED
1175940 TabChild::RecvUIResolutionChanged can be really slow when switching tabs Gabor Krizsanits (INACTIVE) RESOLVED
1177310 [e10s] Stop using CPOWs on application shutdown Mike Conley (:mconley) (:⚙️) RESOLVED
1177499 [e10s] Spinner on tabs in safe-mode spin forever. regression Gabor Krizsanits (INACTIVE) RESOLVED
1177838 [e10s] Click-to-play is broken in safe mode regression, reproducible Gabor Krizsanits (INACTIVE) RESOLVED
1178353 windows xp svgr talos e10s only regression on m-c [talos_regression] perf, regression Seth Fowler [:seth] [:s2h] RESOLVED
1178591 [e10s] Window resize event is triggered in all document in the same window regression Jim Mathies [:jimm] RESOLVED
1179478 [e10s] title attribute does not display a tooltip on option elements of <select> George Wright (:gw280) (needinfo me!) RESOLVED
1179483 Crash in mozilla::a11y::HyperTextAccessible::RelationByType(mozilla::a11y::RelationType) crash, regression Frédéric Wang (:fredw) VERIFIED
1180495 [e10s] Clearing history does not clear the history for each tab. :Felipe Gomes (needinfo for replies!) RESOLVED
1180878 [e10s] Can't Print to PDF if folder name contains spaces Mike Conley (:mconley) (:⚙️) RESOLVED
1180886 crash in mozilla::ipc::SerializeInputStream(nsIInputStream*, mozilla::ipc::InputStreamParams&, nsTArray<T>&) crash, topcrash Blake Kaplan (:mrbkap) (inactive) RESOLVED
1180991 [e10s] Page Info: Media preview is not shown the first time on multi-process Nightly [bugday-20151104] Mike Conley (:mconley) (:⚙️) VERIFIED
1181177 Linux and Windows crashes in mozilla::dom::PBrowserChild::SendPDocAccessibleConstructor crash Bill McCloskey [inactive unless it's an emergency] (:billm) RESOLVED
1181475 [e10s] Shift + back/forward button opens page in a new window but renders blank Mike Conley (:mconley) (:⚙️) RESOLVED
1181630 [e10s] Printing doesn't work in e10s mode when no printers installed (in Print & Scan system pref panel) [better description and STR in comment #18] Mike Conley (:mconley) (:⚙️) RESOLVED
1183296 RSS and Atom feeds not displayed correctly in E10S tabs :Gijs (he/him) RESOLVED
1183623 [e10s] URL bar input is ignored when a specific page is loaded Neil Deakin RESOLVED
1184276 [e10s] PContentChild::SendGetBlocklistState fails with 'message was deserialized, but the handler returned false (indicating failure)' George Wright (:gw280) (needinfo me!) RESOLVED
1185551 Icon of first crashed tab (e10s) renders outside of tab handle Dave Townsend [:mossop] RESOLVED
1185580 Printing a PDF from PDF.js renderer results in blank pages [pdfjs-c-integration][pdfjs-d-printing][pdfjs-f-regression] George Wright (:gw280) (needinfo me!) RESOLVED
1185675 Tab drag between windows doesn't work correctly with e10s a lot of the time Blake Kaplan (:mrbkap) (inactive) RESOLVED
1186966 Let e10s tests ride the trains Bill McCloskey [inactive unless it's an emergency] (:billm) RESOLVED
1186972 [e10s] Clicking a select doesn't collapse when clicking on the dropmarker on HiDPI regression Neil Deakin RESOLVED
1187322 [e10s] HTML document rendering doesn't work with multi-process on OSX 10.6.8 in VirtualBox [gfx-noted] Markus Stange [:mstange] RESOLVED
1187327 Investigate Telemetry child payload data discrepancies [measurement:client] George Wright (:gw280) (needinfo me!) RESOLVED
1187404 [e10s] Tabbing out of <select> dropdown doesn't properly update the selected option George Wright (:gw280) (needinfo me!) RESOLVED
1188605 Turn e10s on by default for 42/aurora :Felipe Gomes (needinfo for replies!) RESOLVED
1190018 External protocol handlers don't work in e10s Brad Lassey [:blassey] (use needinfo?) RESOLVED
1190364 With electrolysis (e10s) enabled and lots of tabs open, plugincheck often fails to find any plugins Jim Mathies [:jimm] RESOLVED
1190652 hang in scriptable plugin call causes no slow script or plugin hang UI to show Bill McCloskey [inactive unless it's an emergency] (:billm) RESOLVED
1191157 [e10s] Closing window with camera permission granted leaves the smallbar on top unremoved regression :Felipe Gomes (needinfo for replies!) RESOLVED
1191820 [e10s] optgroup items sometimes not displayed properly Neil Deakin RESOLVED
1191897 [e10s] Keyboard shortcuts don't work when a select menu is open Neil Deakin RESOLVED
1191976 [e10s] Some child process crashes are not being reported Mike Conley (:mconley) (:⚙️) RESOLVED
1192571 Dragging a youtube tab to another window in e10s mode makes the video go black Matt Woodrow (:mattwoodrow) RESOLVED
1193055 On first scroll, plugin lags before being hidden Jim Mathies [:jimm] RESOLVED
1193085 [e10s] Tab audio indicator is still shown after navigating from audio-playing page loaded in a remote page to one in a non-remote page (no longer active) VERIFIED
1193668 e10s loading screen is broken when lightweight theme is used :Felipe Gomes (needinfo for replies!) RESOLVED
1194311 Initial tab drag and drop thumbnail is black Gabor Krizsanits (INACTIVE) RESOLVED
1194545 Docking about:privatebrowsing tab from one window to another causes page not render (never ending spinner) in e10s Blake Kaplan (:mrbkap) (inactive) RESOLVED
1194897 [e10s] window.[location|menu|personal|status|tool]bar.visible is always false Mike Conley (:mconley) (:⚙️) VERIFIED
1195931 [e10s] Leading &nbsp; in <option> element inside a <select> is no longer rendered Neil Deakin RESOLVED
1196159 [e10s] Window.closed returns false after calling Window.close() Blake Kaplan (:mrbkap) (inactive) RESOLVED
1196539 [e10s]  After switching the tab, flash plug-in would not repaint until mouse hover the plug-in or scrollbar perf, regression Jim Mathies [:jimm] RESOLVED
1196741 [e10s] Blank tab is displayed when moving an unfocused one to a new window RESOLVED
1196973 The security UI is not updated when going back and forth between view-source and the web :Felipe Gomes (needinfo for replies!) RESOLVED
1196975 [e10s] Stop using shims in SDK code Gabor Krizsanits (INACTIVE) RESOLVED
1197679 [e10s] Can't open AmazonCloudDriveInstaller.dmg file downloaded when e10s is enabled: "Reason: Illegal Seek" Dragana Damjanovic [:dragana] RESOLVED
1198368 [e10s] [ADBE 4044716] Playing Amazon Instant Video using Flash in NPAPI sandbox hangs the chrome process [ADBE 4044716] 64bit, flashplayer, hang, qawanted, regression Bob Owen (:bobowen) RESOLVED
1198450 [e10s] Firefox fails to load "about:home" if Firefox was installed to a folder with non-Latin name Brad Lassey [:blassey] (use needinfo?) RESOLVED
1198459 Disable a11y in content when we detect e10s is enabled and disable e10s on startup if a11y recently loaded Jim Mathies [:jimm] RESOLVED
1199239 [e10s] Clicking "bookmark this page" button (star) causes unsafe CPOW usage warning [bugday-20151021] Neil Deakin VERIFIED
1199434 [e10s] Print preview doesn't show alert if printer was't found. Mike Conley (:mconley) (:⚙️) RESOLVED
1199841 Torrents downloaded in private mode from rarbg.to are added in the Firefox download history Jason Duell VERIFIED
1199862 [e10s] crash in nsCOMPtr_base::assign_with_AddRef(nsISupports*zilla::net::HttpChannelParent::RecvDivertOnStopRequest(nsresult const&)) [mozfr-community] crash, reproducible Dragana Damjanovic [:dragana] RESOLVED
1199892 Mouse cursor flickers in Flash object with wmode opaque/transparent regression, testcase Jim Mathies [:jimm] RESOLVED
1200336 [e10s] Sandboxing doesn't work on a local build built with VS2015 Bob Owen (:bobowen) VERIFIED
1202080 [e10s] Reproducible crash in telemetry.mozilla.org: nsTArray_Impl<T>::AppendElements<T>(unsigned int) | nsLineBreaker::AppendText(nsIAtom*, unsigned char const*, unsigned int, unsigned int, nsILineBreakSink*) crash Masayuki Nakano [:masayuki] (he/him)(JST, +0900) RESOLVED
1202176 Tab drag preview position is off when using e10s and HiDPI Neil Deakin RESOLVED
1202634 [e10s] links with target=_blank in private browsing popup open in non-private window regression Mike Conley (:mconley) (:⚙️) VERIFIED
1203134 [e10s] autocomplete popup covers input box if is bottom of page Neil Deakin RESOLVED
1204301 In an e10s window, Nightly does not bring up the master password dialog when required for TLS client authentication regression Mike Conley (:mconley) (:⚙️) RESOLVED
1204944 Tab drag-rearrangement doesn't appear to work in Nightly w/e10s on OSX Neil Deakin RESOLVED
1205398 [e10s] can't properly drag-n-drop tabs on OSX because dndPanel gets underneath the mouse pointer :Felipe Gomes (needinfo for replies!) RESOLVED
1206508 [e10s] Tab thumbnail(tab drag image) is broken while tab move animation on Windows7 Classic regression :Felipe Gomes (needinfo for replies!) RESOLVED
1209689 Crashed tab indicates all tabs have crashed and every tab loads the crashed tab page Mike Conley (:mconley) (:⚙️) RESOLVED
1210617 (e10s/Private Browsing) Saving any PDF file via inside the build-in PDF viewer in a Private Window, creates the relevant entry in 'Downloads' in the Normal window instead :Felipe Gomes (needinfo for replies!) RESOLVED
1213650 Reloading (F5) loads about:blank instead of current page qawanted, regression Mike Conley (:mconley) (:⚙️) RESOLVED
1213671 Browser window stops painting when closing a tab or when opening background tabs regression Jim Mathies [:jimm] RESOLVED
1214259 [e10s] <options>s style="display: none;" does not work [dupe me] George Wright (:gw280) (needinfo me!) RESOLVED
1214428 Dragging preview for tab is upscaled on retina mbp with e10s Jonathan Kew [:jfkthame] RESOLVED
1214666 AboutRedirector does not work for resources loaded by about:loop* pages with relative URLs [e10s][44] Blake Kaplan (:mrbkap) (inactive) RESOLVED
1214878 Plugin is not hidden during async scrolling, lags instead Jim Mathies [:jimm] RESOLVED
1215167 unsafe CPOW usage from non-addon code should throw Bill McCloskey [inactive unless it's an emergency] (:billm) RESOLVED
1217190 Printing is broken with e10s on OS X since a43f6bb86588 [Possible workaround in comment 12] regression Mike Conley (:mconley) (:⚙️) VERIFIED
1217362 nsIHttpChannelInternal::getRemoteAddress() doesn't work in content processes RESOLVED
1217571 The imagelib cache is broken in e10s [MemShrink] Nathan Froyd [:froydnj] RESOLVED
1218594 [e10s] Address bar can be hidden in popup windows, if url param is empty string [post-critsmash-triage][adv-main43-] csectype-spoof, sec-moderate Mike Conley (:mconley) (:⚙️) RESOLVED
1219469 Crash in HttpChannelParent::SynthesizeResponse crash, reproducible, topcrash (no longer active) RESOLVED
1221540 Compiling Firefox while running e10s nightly makes nightly stop painting content [gfx-noted] Milan Sreckovic [:milan] (needinfo for best results) RESOLVED
1221913 [e10s] Horizontal Scroll not working correctly Markus Stange [:mstange] RESOLVED
1222662 [e10s] Mouse cursor disappears after moving it outside the Flash video area (JW Player) regression, testcase Jim Mathies [:jimm] RESOLVED
1225496 Beta45 e10s experiment: split the beta population in two for e10s testing Vladan Djeric (:vladan) RESOLVED
1226200 Crash when Hello link-clicker join a room with gUM running in content process Randell Jesup [:jesup] (needinfo me) RESOLVED
1227312 Crash report telemetry data is off for content process crashes Jim Mathies [:jimm] RESOLVED
1227666 [e10s] Flash Player content appears on top of web pages when I switch from one page to another Jim Mathies [:jimm] VERIFIED
1229177 [e10s] Security UI is not updated when TP or SB block XHR / Fetch requests Blake Kaplan (:mrbkap) (inactive) VERIFIED
1229763 Create a localized support page for accessibility and e10s Erin Lancaster [:elan] RESOLVED
1229850 [e10s] crash in nsComboboxControlFrame::GetAvailableDropdownSpace crash, topcrash, topcrash-win Jim Mathies [:jimm] VERIFIED
1230196 Release channel should support e10s prefs :Felipe Gomes (needinfo for replies!) RESOLVED
1231306 [e10s] Remote process doesn't immediately change Flash plugin state when I set it to "Always Activate" Bill McCloskey [inactive unless it's an emergency] (:billm) RESOLVED
1231921 Update e10s.accessibilityNotice.acceptButton.label string Jim Mathies [:jimm] RESOLVED
1232181 Replace plugin windows with static window captures when scrolling Jim Mathies [:jimm] RESOLVED
1232184 [e10s+APZ] Flash plugin windows flicker on and off when I turn the mouse wheel even though the page is not actually scroll regression Jim Mathies [:jimm] RESOLVED
1232274 When e10s is enabled installing or enabling an add-on should require a restart Dave Townsend [:mossop] RESOLVED
1233497 Make unsafe CPOWs from non-addon browser code throw by default addon-compat, dev-doc-complete Mike Conley (:mconley) (:⚙️) RESOLVED
1233803 Get rid of of sessionHistory CPOW sent up via WebNavigation:SetHistory message Mike Conley (:mconley) (:⚙️) RESOLVED
1234049 Some Web sites go black upon maximizing window [gfx-noted] regression George Wright (:gw280) (needinfo me!) RESOLVED
1234673 Avoid users from locales ar, fa, he, ur for e10s rollout to beta :Felipe Gomes (needinfo for replies!) RESOLVED
1234675 disable e10s for users with addons in the initial e10s rollout to beta [e10s-45-uplift] Gabor Krizsanits (INACTIVE) RESOLVED
1234700 Hide window.showModalDialog, at least when e10s is enabled dev-doc-complete, site-compat Masatoshi Kimura [:emk] RESOLVED
1235379 [e10s] Form data are lost when restore session dataloss, regression Bill McCloskey [inactive unless it's an emergency] (:billm) RESOLVED
1236926 Remove the "you are now testing e10s" prompt Gabor Krizsanits (INACTIVE) RESOLVED
1237025 View Image Info context menu option uses unsafe cpows [e10s-45-uplift] George Wright (:gw280) (needinfo me!) RESOLVED
1238180 Unsafe CPOW usage in nsContextMenu.js, browser.js for pageInfo opened from context menu Mike Conley (:mconley) (:⚙️) RESOLVED
1239520 Enable e10s on all configurations except Release :Felipe Gomes (needinfo for replies!) RESOLVED
1239525 Tie asyncInit to !e10s :Felipe Gomes (needinfo for replies!) RESOLVED
1239697 mozilla::ipc::FatalError crash in mozilla::dom::PContentChild::SendSyncMessage crash Bill McCloskey [inactive unless it's an emergency] (:billm) RESOLVED
1241294 Update E10S_AUTOSTART_STATUS telemetry probe (and rename it to E10S_STATUS) :Felipe Gomes (needinfo for replies!) RESOLVED
1241336 Run an e10s A/B experiment on Beta 45 (first experiment) :Felipe Gomes (needinfo for replies!) RESOLVED
1241959 Add a description of e10s blocked status to about:support :Felipe Gomes (needinfo for replies!) RESOLVED
1242450 [e10s] Hidden attribute not working on <option> in <select> dropdown regression George Wright (:gw280) (needinfo me!) VERIFIED
1242472 Tracking protection: Tracking pixel not blocked in e10s Blake Kaplan (:mrbkap) (inactive) RESOLVED
1243612 "promptCount is undefined" on beta (nsBrowserGlue.js) :Felipe Gomes (needinfo for replies!) RESOLVED
1243643 "Save Image As..." Not working regression, reproducible Mike Conley (:mconley) (:⚙️) VERIFIED
1243882 Block e10s for locales based on Firefox's locale, not the OS :Felipe Gomes (needinfo for replies!) RESOLVED
1244187 Run an e10s A/B experiment on Beta 45 (second experiment) :Felipe Gomes (needinfo for replies!) RESOLVED
1244684 FX_TAB_SWITCH_TOTAL_MS is broken Mike Conley (:mconley) (:⚙️) RESOLVED
1245192 [e10s] Need to block Skype Click to Call users from participating in Beta 45 Telemetry Experiment :Felipe Gomes (needinfo for replies!) RESOLVED
1245833 Tab crash reports have empty comments Mike Conley (:mconley) (:⚙️) RESOLVED
1248089 Audit Gecko's Content Policies to make sure they do not rely on requestingContext for TYPE_DOCUMENT Bill McCloskey [inactive unless it's an emergency] (:billm) RESOLVED
1249845 Firefox 46 beta/release split the audience and offer e10s to a configurable subset btpp-active :Felipe Gomes (needinfo for replies!) RESOLVED

267 Total; 0 Open (0%); 234 Resolved (87.64%); 33 Verified (12.36%);