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  • [DONE] hudson + integration test coverage (Peter)
    • Move to using Hudson
    • Provide test coverage
  • [MISSED] jinja2 templates (Peter)
    • Switch from django templates to jinja2
  • [MISSED] workflow (stas)
    • Land the workflow app
  • [MISSED] new designs (Adrian)
    • Get new templates into production (from Lee Tom PSDs to html first)
  • [MISSED] Shipping / l10n stats
    • Data 1.1 (Pike) - requires new pushes/signoff
      • Adjust the data model to the new rapid release process (axel + stas)
    • (dependency on data 1.1) Merge l10nstats and shipping and get into production. (/dashboard and /shipping/dashboard should merge into one dashboard.) (peterbe + stas)
  • [MISSED] bugsy (stas)
    • Integrate Milos improvements Q2
  • [MISSED] metrics (laura)
    • Deploy a metrics solution (web trends?)
  • [MISSED] drain (laura)
    • Write a spec.
  • [DROPPED] webby (stas)
    • revisit and remove in its current form
  • [MISSED] Infrasec review