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The Boulders

Android - ctalbert, bmoss, jmaher

  • Bear and Aki are making great progress on Tegra
  • Joel is working on Talos and Reftest patches for
  • Extension-packaging for chrome & browser-chrome patch up for review

Mozmill Buildbot Integration - jhammel

  • Jhford looking into branchobject integration
  • Testing ongoing on remaining pieces
  • Should have whole thing together by Wednesday

Better Performance Metrics - anode, ?

  • out this am

CrossWeave - jgriffin

  • Helped QA intern write some tests last week
  • Have email account for crossweave, haven't hooked it up yet.

Firebug Test framework - ahal

  • Stood up after power outage
  • Needs some code love.

Profile Manager - jgriffin, jhammel

  • In good shape, there are some bugs that need to be fixed before declare that we're done.
  • Fit and finish polish
  • Going to break up code into pieces to get it into review queues

Bug Hunter - bc

  • Network issues have continued
  • Worked remotely to create vms
  • But we have no ability to connect through RDP or VNC to the other boxes (not through console)
  • Still have no ability to delete vms.
  • Looking into getting Bc a T1, with mrz
  • Experimenting with minimum install sizes 8G too small, 12G looks correct.

The Gravel

Mozmill 2.0 - harth, jhammel, ctalbert et all

  • Rejiggered source repos
  • Releasing mozrunner bump hotfix today
  • Prototype up for pluggable events
  • Refactored python side of components so everything is no longer in

GrafxBot - jgriffin

  • 13,000 test runs right now. But, many of those are multiple test runs from the same people. 3400 total downloads on AMO
  • Most test runs have no failures, only 2 crashes so far.

Webdriver - ahal

  • No news

Manifest for the manifest-less - jmaher, jgriffin, anode

  • No news

Jetpack Test Buildbot Integration - ctalbert

  • Land it in m-c.

The Round Table

War on Orange

  • Been discussing how best to consolidate our war on orange db tools - orange factor and top fails
  • We have decided on the data that we will collect
  • Next step is write a schema for this stuff
  • Group investigating tools to use for building REST API on top of this data.
  • Will do a war on orange coffee in place of the Wednesday meeting this week.

The Pulverized

  • Mozmill 1.4.2 aka 1.5 Released
  • Bugzilla Review & REST API Improvements (2010 Q2)
  • Implement AddOns Performance prototype system
  • Initial Landing of E10s Enabled Mochitest
  • Websockets Test Infrastructure Support