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  • Achieve and maintain a 5% or less intermittent orange rate for Android automation (talos and tests) to achieve parity with desktop intermittent orange rates.
  • Expand and enhance our test and performance automation to anticipate and address needs for Fennec and B2G
  • Deploy user responsiveness automation into production
  • Full List Here


  • Goal 1 (Mobile Stability) - jmaher, wlach, jhammel
    • Mozbase
      • starting to look at Mozbase + moztalos situation
      • wlach would really like better process handling in Talos :)
  • Goal 2 (Expand Mobile) - jgriffin, mdas, wlach
    • Marionette
    • Eideticker
      • Now tracking project on Pivotal Tracker, SCRUM style:
      • Didn't quite meet the goal for last week's sprint: getting a prototype animation test finished. The work itself was mostly done, but doesn't work reliably/at all due mobile stability issues with Talos (see above goal)
      • Going to try hard to nail lingering stability issues with talos this week to hopefully speed along future development
  • Goal 3 (User Responsiveness) - ahal, ted
    • Talos User Responsiveness
      • Mac leopard issue is now fixed, ted to land this week
      • Going to try to get user responsiveness talos into staging this week.
    • Peptest
  • SpecialPowers for all test harnesses - jmaher, ted
    • Landed bunch of patches last week, three more in the review queue
    • One left to write -- after that no more enablePrivilege in the mochitest family of tests
  • Bugzilla 4.2/Pulse/Rest API - dkl, glob
    • BzHome - harth
  • Bughunter Deployment - bc, jeads
  • Firefox 10 Spidering - bc
  • Mozmill E10S Deployment - jhammel, ahal
    • mozmill ready for 2.0 branching, e10s to be done on trunk
  • Pandaboards OS/Flash automation - ctalbert
    • Got new builds on pandaboards, trying to find some networking for them at the toronto office to see if they are more stable
    • New builds still seem to have the issue with the intermittent adb over usb connection