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The Overview

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  • Employee Incident bug entry form deployed for mcoates
  • Working on Recovery Key form also for mcoates
  • Email to IT asking for current backup/recovery plan for BMO in wake of email meltdown
  • Bringing old test scripts up to speed with latest Bugzilla 4.2 code
  • Some minor work on REST/testing


  • site test assertions, unittest assertions and unittest valgrind ui done to a first approximation
  • finished implementing view collections. This feature allows a user to open a set of data views that work together, they are defined in a JSON structure
  • migration to the cluster has been halted due to networking problems in phx


  • Eideticker has a new, much simpler harness and tests are much easier to write
  • reworked the capture analysis API to use numpy behind the scenes
  • added the beginnings of a web interface for browsing captures and doing visualizations on them
  • See also:


Mobile Automation

  • keeping fennec reftest patch up to date (jmaher)


  • working on a better URL dispatching system for mozhttpd
  • mozbase now has unified unit tests; need to coordinate with ManifestDestiny's doctests
  • coordinating getting CI (buildbot) working with jgriffin, mcote, and wlach
  • documentation improvements to Mozbase and Mozilla python general: (Still tons to do)


  • the make target landed (run make peptest to try it out)
  • looked into adding a profiler, have some work in an experimental branch, but going to wait until it lands and gets some better docs


  • close to a reviewable patch to m-c to add robocop to the toolchain
  • starting to figure out a solution for running robotium in talos as well as in releng
  • next week there will be a patch to integrate to the make system

Tegra Pool

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War On Orange

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Upcoming Events

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Round Table

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  • (from ctalbert): We have only two weeks left in the quarter. And those weeks include christmas and new year's. So, ensure all things that are on track are really on track. If there's anything that isn't you should have let me know a week ago. If something has changed, let me know, call my cell (it's in the phonebook).


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