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The Overview

  • bugzilla
    • [dkl] bugzilla release management work consumed the bulk of dkl's week, (release for multiple versions scheduled for early this week)
    • [dkl] bug 719526 addition of x-header to emails for to flag a contributor's first patch
    • [glob] tell-us-more and release-tracking-report updates
    • [glob+dkl] various minor upstream enhancements
    • [glob+dkl] administrative work, as always
  • bughunter
    • [jeads] new url submission
    • crafting docs and training on how to use bughunter
  • eideticker
    • [wlach] [checkerboarding tests] are more repeatable and analyzable
    • [wlach] helping ctalbert set up the eideticker machine in mountain view.
      • looking into a CI automation using eideticker.
  • mobile automation
    • [jmaher] robocop is landed and will be running in staging Monday
    • [jmaher] next steps are tpan/tzoom on talos
    • [jmaher] need to resolve some reftest failures
    • [ctalbert] new direction for s1/s2 startup automation
      • [new framework] to run these
      • writing utilities for common automation tasks on live phones
      • will be using instrumentation that is output to adb
  • marionette
    • [jgriffin] Automation for b2g was turned on!
      • tests were written by the b2g team and using the framework already
    • [mdas] [content management] calls are mostly done
    • [jgriffin] writing docs!
    • getting ready for security review next week
  • brasstacks
    • [mcote] woo almost online again!
      • waiting on security review
    • [mcote] will need a speedtest review also
    • and toolbox, gofaster, etc..
  • peptests
    • [mcote] make mozprofile work with proxied locations and permissions for privileged code!
    • next steps: turn back on for try server without live network access.
  • [Signal from Noise]
    • landed ignoreFirst change for talos on m-c
    • working on analyzing tp5 and figuring out next steps
    • [jeads] defined first set of UI changes. Starting to implement
  • [addon-compat]
    • [wlach] defined the platforms in bug 718660
    • [wlach] plan is to run endurance tests with small set of addons
  • [JetPerf]
    • [jhammel] Basic framework is in place
    • [jhammel] next steps are CI and graphserver pieces
    • [sample results]
  • WebRTC build hacking
  • A*Team best practices
    • [jgriffin] [documented pulse] server and setup
    • [bc] trying to wrap his mind around what is needed and how to coordinate.

Upcoming Events

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Round Table

* Next week's MC?
* when should we do a documentation update (mcote started this last month)