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The Overview


  • [bc] - investigated making the workers run as a service on windows


  • [dkl] - Attended security review for AutoLand BMO extension this past week and all seems good on the BMO end. Some questions remain about password resetting possibly being exploitable but that is a bigger BMO discussion than AutoLand.
  • [dkl] - Code under peer review for a request by Contributor engagement to send special email with first patch approval.
  • [dkl] - One minor checkin to backport upstream performance improvement
  • [dkl/glob] - Normal BMO administrative tasks, such as deleting random bugs and users, rebooting servers during peak load, and pretending to care about problems!
  • [glob] - pulse work
  • [glob] - minor upstream patches and reviews
  • [glob] - fixed issue in user activity report
  • [glob] - added "does not contain" to people search
  • [glob] - worked on arecibo (code fixes, got approval from IT to get a dedicated VM for bmo error reports)


  • [wlach] - cross browser frames per second, in [graphical format]
  • [wlach] - cross browser checkerboarding in the works


  • [jhammel] - reworking (mozharness + talos) to clean up old code that hacked around talos limitations


  • [jgriffin] - ongoing work to keep the tests green
  • [mdas] - landing on m-c has one r+, only a few features to go before meeting Q1 goal (come on, haven't we heard this before). Actually just 1 more review to go.

mobile automation

  • [ctalbert/mcote] - raw fennec stats with a [public webserver]
  • [jmaher] - fixed bug 736105 to cut our robocop runtimes in half
  • [jmaher] - SUTAgent is updated on tegras (for the most part)
  • [wlach] - fixing minor bugs in mobile automation (networking, devicemanager)


  • [mcote] - have [dashboard] for speedtests, including CURRENT data, eh.


  • [jhammel] - talos no longer is required to run from the talos directory, console scripts exist if you don't like GUI
  • [jhammel] - fixing blockers to make unified configuration a light at the end of the tunnel vs a dream
  • [jeads] - worked a bunch on the new graphs web service, added a new visualization for a grid of charts that

displays all branches, talos tests, and platforms using d3.js. Now we can see the future, thanks jeads!

  • [jmaher] - preparing for rolling out row major tp5 vs column major tp5, less noise is a good thing


  • [bc] - new bughunter and ateam networks in phx1 is the big news. No more networking problems EVER!
  • [jgriffin] - Finished a tool [DoIHaveAPulse] to translate arbitrary buildbot pulse messages into a standardized format for easier consumption; this is currently running on flyingtanks
  • [jgriffin] - Updated pulsebuildmonitor to use these normalized messages
  • [jgriffin] - Next is to update the logparser to use this, and assuming that goes well, look for a [blog post]
  • [mcote] - woo paper & presentation for [Test Istanbul], will mcote come back as BYKote?
  • [mdas] - working on dxr which requires git->hg mirroring or some magic.
  • [wlach] - testing unitests and talos to run on python 2.7128

Upcoming Events

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Round Table


  • from IRC status collection (sorry glob and pto folks) who said:
    • "don't read on the crapper"
    • "don't use git"
  • Q. What did Apple call the iPod with the 8-finger swipe?
  • A. the iCephaloPod