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Long story short: The Windows Buildbot masters need to be rebooted every 3 weeks instead of 6 weeks to not swap. The Buildbot-per-step lag which Kyle and Armen were reporting was a symptom of the Buildbot masters slowing down job execution. By Buildbot's design, when a machine finishes a step, it will wait for the master to define what the next step is. The more logs produce and machines connected to a master the worse the performance is and the faster the master gets to swap its memory. [1] The Windows masters got rebooted on Friday. So far, today there are no dramatic Windows testing backlogs (We had 6k per pool last week). Two more masters are being added. Code to track master lag landed to the output of the jobs and being reported to graphite. Investigation is on-going to detect this state sooner. There is also talk of switching the model of log parsing that Buildbot does to prevent parsing several MBs of logs but instead kylobytes. This is not an issue on TC due to its different architectural design.

  • [mcote] What's the plan with the Quarter of Contribution? I got a direct email the other day; just want to know what the process is.
    • Help people get started with good-first-bugs for the project. Based on their progress, mentors decide by Nov 18th whether these contributor(s) should work on the QoC project or other, smaller tasks.
  • I want to enable automatic backfilling once we can determine current backlog load (do not backfill then).
    • Instead of waiting until automatic *starring* to be available

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  • sydpolk missed 26-0ct through 30-Oct with emergency gall bladder surgery and recovery.