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Notices, Highlights, Roundtable

  • Significant Contributions
  • [jgriffin] We're going to start recording these meetings so people who can't attend can still view the meeting. Are there any concerns?
  • [mcote] Q1 goals
    • mcote to follow up on who should be creating this.
  • [maja_zf, jmaher] "Project of the month" series starting in January with :parkouss and mozregression.
    • See monthly_project etherpad for overview. Add yourself to the list if you're interested in promoting a project in future months.

Newsgroup and Blog Posts

Goal Updates

Please update with the status of your Q4 deliverables.

Also see our Trello board

Other Project Updates

Holidays and Trips

  • ato off from 22 December to 2 January
  • ekyle off from Dec28 to Jan 2
  • spolk will be here for all days that are not US Holidays (12/21-12/23; 12/28-12/31)
  • maja_zf mostly around for the rest of December. Likely to take PTO during first half of January.