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Notices, Highlights, Roundtable

  • Significant Contributions
    • Kalpesh Krishna (martianwars) has been doing good work on the wptview results viewing tool (as part of the QoC project), which is now in a usable state (and contrary to what the name implies, it can be used for any structured-log producing tests), has attracted some more contributors, and expanded his repertoire of contributions to treeherder.
    • Mike Ling added preliminary support for generating a MacOS X installer to mozregression, this should prove popular with developers
    • Julien Pagès keeps on rocking with mozregression: Lots of GUI improvements, try support. See for a full list
    • Shruti Jasoria (ShrutiJ) added a decorator for "using_context" in marionette (bug 1097676).
  • Topic ideas for lightning talks on Sheet2 here: Platform Ops Monday Project Meeting
  • [jmaher] Saying thanks!

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Goal Updates

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