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Notices, Highlights, Roundtable

  • Significant Contributions
  • [jgriffin] London All Hands Debrief
  • [jgriffin] Please update your accomplishments for the quarter at
  • [jgriffin] Treeherder debrief this Wednesday @ 10am PDT, A-Team Vidyo Room
  • [jgriffin] Q3 deliverables
  • [jgriffin] Roleplaying and feedback
  • [jgriffin] Next staff meeting: project overview

Newsgroup and Blog Posts

Goal Updates

Please update Q2 deliverables:

Other Project Updates

Holidays and Trips

  • ekyle - First 3weeks in July - Gone Thursday June30, back Wednesday July20
  • Henrik - July 11th - 15th
  • ato,jgraham and AutomatedTester - W3C F2F in Seattle