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Notices, Highlights, Roundtable

  • Significant Contributions
    • [armenzg] Most pieces to add TaskCluster jobs to Treeherder will be landing this week
      • martianwars has been all this work as part of his GSoC
    • [wlach] martianwars also working on some longstanding issues with treeherder: updating exclusion profiles on job ingestion, cancel button behaviour...
    • [wlach] ShrutiJ, royc (crosscent) landing all sorts of great stuff in perfherder as part of the quarter of contribution: alert pagination, textual regression summaries, more unit tests, better alert display in graphs...
    • [dylan] martianwars has been working on a performance bug in BMO (enter_bug.cgi?product=Core is quite slow). Seban added a "edit profile" button to the user profile on BMO and also code to rewrite MXR links to DXR in bugzilla comments.
  • Treeherder Debrief
    • notes
    • Takeaways:
      • Need better planning for dealing with third-party dependencies
      • Need metrics for planning future work for automatic classification
      • Need operational and dev environment improvements
  • Engineering Productivity Project Review

Newsgroup and Blog Posts

Goal Updates

Please update with the status of your Q3 deliverables.

Other Project Updates

Holidays and Trips

  • dburns, jgraham, and ato at W3C Browser Tools- and Testing WG meetings in Redmond, Washington