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Mozilla Etherpad


This is a public pad, so be careful what you put up there!

Team Site Functionality

You can create a private Etherpad domain just for whomever you invite into it. This is convenient for individual departments, for things not yet ready for external visibility. There's a button on the homepage, and the initial creation is straightforward... similar to making an account on any other web application.

Here are some notes about managing Team Sites:

You do not need to create a shared "admin" account when you create a new team site. Simply put in your own name and email address. You will be created as an "Administrator" of your team site. From the management interface, you can then create other accounts, and set them to be Administrators as well if you'd like.

A Team Site Administrator has the ability to add and remove users, reset passwords, and delete team pads. How liberal you want to be with this is up to you and your team members to decide. IT can also reset passwords for any Team Site account, should you become completely locked out.


The source code is on Github:

Known Bugs

  • FIXED: Links in emails sent by Etherpad don't work. Please open an IT Bug if you're still seeing this problem.
  • SSL Certificate error when connecting to This is a known issue, and we are working on a fix. Please use instead. Note that unsecured connections (port 80 and 9000) will be redirected properly and do not have a problem.
  • SSL Certificate error when connecting to a team site (ie: This is a known issue, and we are working on a fix. The only workaround at present is to simply add an exception for this and ignore it until it's fixed.
  • WONTFIX: Etherpad does not support LDAP. This is an upstream issue, and will hopefully be added in the future. We cannot simply put LDAP auth in front of it, because that would break public pads, and would simply be another layer on top of team site pads... it would be in addition to team pad logins, not instead of them. Clearly this is non-ideal, but we're hopeful this may make it into the upstream product at some point in the future.
  • WORKAROUND: On a Team Pad, once you set a password on the pad, the "Clear" button does not function properly. Instead, simply change the password to an empty value, and this will remove the password. This is an upstream bug.
  • bug 696659 - Etherpad update broke When the browser window is resized to smaller than the etherpad width, the horizontal scroll bar that appears does not allow scrolling far enough to make the left edge of the etherpad visible.
  • bug 687133 is still open in bugzilla but appears to be fixed by the update.
  • bug 696667 - The label text in the Pad Options and Import/Export tabs is partially obscured by the input widgets.
  • bug 822662 - Critical need for rtl formatting button.