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To equip Evangelism Reps with the skills necessary to deliver effective presentations (small or large) world-wide and spread Mozilla's mission.

Speaker Training

Once you get accepted into the program, you will be contacted by one of our team members. At this point, we will find out what you are looking to learn, what types of events you would like attend and speak at, and what your strengths and weaknesses are. This will help us understand how extensive you would like your training to be. Training will take place online or in-person at a MozSpace or MozCamp.

Phase 1: General Training

  • Workshop by Mozilla's Principal Evangelist Christian Heilmann online or in-person.
  • External public speaking workshop by an organization such as Toast Masters.
  • Media training and 'How to Handle the Press' workshop by the Communications Team.
  • Optional self-assessment 2 minute screen cast submission for feedback and review.
  • Practice presenting in front of small groups, and participate in local meet ups to enhance skills.
  • Accept speaking opportunities in your region.
  • Host local events if desired.
  • Developer handbook as a reference guide.

Phase 2: Advanced Training

  • Practice presenting in front of larger groups, and participate in local meet ups to enhance skills.
  • Deliver joint presentations or interactive demos with Technical Evangelists at larger keynote speaking opportunities.
  • Present at MDN Hack Days, MozCamps or other Mozilla events.
  • Run local Evangelism Reps training in your region to empower more speakers and continue building your own skills.
  • Commit to 5 speaking events per year.
  • Attend advance media training by the Communication Team.

Upcoming Training Dates

There are no reps trainings for now. Stay tuned.

Mentor Program

To provide new Evangelism Reps with the proper support required, we have implemented a Mentor program where you can team up with one someone who's "been there, done that" and can share some tips and tricks to help you succeed. You are encouraged to request a mentor, and request to attend events with them to learn the ropes and participate in the conference.

  • How Can a Mentor Help You?
    • Share experience and knowledge base in being a speaker.
    • Resources to help you succeed and overcome roadblocks.
    • Answer questions and provide feedback.
    • Develop new and/or different perspectives in being a speaker.
    • Provide assistance with ideas for your slides and presentations.
    • Demonstrate strengths and explore your potential.
  • Become a Mentor:
    • Evangelism Reps are encouraged to become mentors to each other. This will help your fellow Evangelism Reps develop their skills and improve yours at the same time.

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