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what to measure

  • tbeachball (time to get back to the main event loop), ttabopen
  • look up a URL from a db size of N - know what sqlite does
  • current tests are clean profile == useless for typical user experience
  • need basic permutations for baseline data
  • not much data from our various metrics projects
  • optimize for heavy web users
  • rollout spectator at MoCo
  • ttabopen is too narrow, take the top 10 most common UI actions
  • also need fine granularity: eg, add password to password store
  • tbeachball: file bug to get notifications sent out.
  • dtrace? limited platforms, need in-browser profiling system. configurable via pref?
  • awesomebar: how fast to show results, responsiveness

immediate concerns

  • awesomebar
    • pasted text, long text
    • when going from bookmarks to history, slows down
  • new tab
  • scrolling
  • history menu
  • startup with lots of tabs
  • download manager window
  • type-ahead-find: "bonk bonk bonk"
  • testing with and w/o chrome for tp
  • ts: need to measure cold start, as well as multi-tab

test infrastructure

  • use tp pageset to drive the tests?
  • waiting on graphserver changes (schema something?)
  • noise: disk, scheduling, thread manager
  • toolkit.synchronous = 0 for talos?
  • run talos with different profiles
  • run some tests once a day
  • tryserver is not reliable numbers
  • where to report?
  • don't make a performance component, use exisint components with perf keyword
  • TODO: need shark builds

immediate work for 3.1:

  • rstrong: extension manager code for migrating old profiles - bug #? - ping mossop
  • places responsiveness fixes
  • upgrade and migration
  • TODO: fix dtrace js probes!
  • TODO: need a startup timeline, profiles aren't good enough - talk to mobile, taras about current work