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Min's Notes

  • Quick tab to view the thumbnails of all opened tabs
  • Favorite center with fav button and add-to-fav button at the left of the tabs
  • Online help: say you open a new tab and the new tab introduce the tab feature
  • Obvious for zooming at the right-bottom corner. Zooming the whole page, not just changing the font size. BUT
    • The zooming button interaction is poorly designed.
    • Lose the shortcut to change the font size.
  • When a browser with multiple tabs are closed, the user is asked to open those tabs when the browser is launched again. BUT this feature is hidden from the user by default.

Bold text==Alex's notes==

  • RSS feeds appear in a single place. (think about suggesting that live bookmarks go in a single folder?)
  • quicktabs - use of thumbnails
  • button animations, hover and down click
  • text fields look better in the content area, thin lines
  • full screen is actually full screen
  • access to history on the bottom of the integrated drop down on the navigation controls
  • Web feeds:
    • automatically retrieve files is in the options
    • filter by category
    • marks everything as read when you navigate away