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The schedule is now locked down. Please *do not* edit. More information is over at the dev room page at FOSDEM.

When Title Description Speaker
Sat 13:15-14:00 Mozilla Europe General Introduction followed by an update on the work of Mozilla in Europe. Tristan Nitot
Sat 14:00-14:45 Mozilla Foundation Foundation update, current and planned programs, goals etc. Gervase Markham
Sat 14:45-15:15 Mozilla and Universities Lightning talk about MAOW Madrid organized jointly with Madrid University Pascal Chevrel, Gregorio Robles
Sat 15:15-16:00 Future Firefox Firefox 3.2, Extensions 2.0, Labs, and more Mike Connor
Sat 16:00-16:45 Mozilla Community Sites Project Providing templates, hosting, and more for Mozilla community projects Zbigniew Braniecki
Sat 16:45-17:30 Community and Design Building Mozilla's visual design community John Slater
Sat 17:30-18:00 TBD ... TBD
Sat 18:00 Room closes at 18:00
Sun 09:00-09:45 SeaMonkey SeaMonkey 2 and the vision beyond Robert Kaiser
Sun 09:45-10:30 Overview of Mozilla QA Who we are, what we do, how to get involved Carsten Book (Tomcat)
Sun 10:30-11:15 Oni - Structured Concurrency for JavaScript In this talk I'll present the JavaScript Oni library, a set of operators for writing composable concurrent code. Oni attempts to restore some modularity to concurrent programs; it offers a 'structured' alternative to conventional 'unstructured' idioms such as asynchronous callbacks. Alex Fritze
Sun 11:15-12:00 Rising to the Sun(bird) - How to get involved with the Calendar Project and where we are heading This presentation is a call to everyone to get involved. No matter if you prefer testing software (QA), designing interfaces or developing extensions or core code: We need you! The goal of this presentation is to show some interesting experiments you might be interested in developing, how you can use mozmill to easily record tests that help improve the software quality or what you can do as a designer if you have ideas on how to improve Calendar's visual appearance. Philipp Kewisch
Sun 12:00-13:00 Thunderbird 3: what's new, where is it heading, and how you can help After several years of hibernation, Thunderbird development has ramped up again in the last year especially. This talk is intended to give open source hackers an update on where Thunderbird is in its runup to the Thunderbird 3 release, what new systems are available for add-on developers, and how to get involved if you want to help fix email.

In the first part, David Ascher, one of the drivers of Thunderbird 3, will give an overview of the important changes that have either already landed, or are in various stages of development.

In the second part Ludovic Hirlimann, QA lead for Thunderbird, will explain how you can involve yourself into fixing email.

David Ascher and Ludovic Hirlimann
Sun 14:00-14:45 Prism Status update and future plans for Prism for Firefox Matthew Gertner
Sun 14:45-15:30 Mobile/Fennec General overview, and Fennec 1.0a2 and performance Christian Sejersen, Mark Finkle
Sun 15:30-16:15 Embedding The new embedding API Mark Finkle
Sun 16:15-17:00 Mozilla Headless back-end What, why and how it was written, where it's going, and demonstrations Chris Lord
Sun 17:00 Room closes at 17:00 for final keynote