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Mozilla Delhi Community in collaboration with FSA e-board organised the FSA Meet Up on 14th and 15th November'15. The event took place at Star Bucks Coffee Shop,Saket City Mall, New Delhi. For the first time , Mozpacers organised an event exclusively for FSAs in and around Delhi. Moreover, members of FSA E-Board like Santosh Vishwanathan and Tanay Pant took active part in this event. Unlike, most other events of Mozpacers, where ReMos Ajay Kumar and Anup Mishra used to lead off the event, this maiden event was inaugurated by Santosh.


  • SWOT(Strength , Weakness, Opportunities, Threats) Analysis in FSA programme
  • Contribution Pathways in Mozilla for FSAs
  • Ways to get more FSAs involved in this programme
  • Share the stories of active FSAs.

Key Points of Discussion

The main objective of this meet up was to discuss in details various aspects and future prospects of FSA proogramme. Some of the basic Strengths , weakness, opportunities and threats in FSA programme are mentioned as follows:


  • Helps in promoting Mozilla's mission of Open and Secure Web.
  • Helps student to get the basic idea about FOSS.
  • 3 tier recognition system motivates students.


  • FSAs are often confused about hoe to start contribution as they fail to reach out to the mentor.
  • Face challenges in terms of funding and spaces , while organizing any event

Communication gap between FSA and the local community


  • An awesome opportunity for students to volunteer in a global community and thus get the chances to improvise their skills.
  • Well recognition in the community and may get job/internship opportunity


  • Getting a right mentor for contributing to a particular project is a bit hard and there is no proper channel to check active and passive contributor
  • Various other student ambassador programme.

Outcomes and Suggestions

  • To feature various FSA apps and provide details of those apps on wiki.
  • Identify the FSA apps with maximum number of downloads and featute them .
  • Certificates of appreciation for active FSAs.