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Expose prefs for tabs-on-demand

Feature Status Dev Lead QA Lead Status
Expose prefs for tabs-on-demand Landed in Firefox 8 Paul O'Shannessy Mihaela Velimiroviciu Shipped


  • Firefox 4 has the hidden ability to load tabs on-demand by setting the maximum number of concurrent tabs being restored to "0" — now that the feature has been in the wild for a while, we'd like to expose it as the default behavior for session restore. It makes startup a lot faster, and uses a lot less memory.
  • This feature falls primarily in the Experience category (from the "Discover, Experience, and Connect" vision statement.)
  • This feature is available starting Firefox 8.


  • Feature wiki page - Link

Use Cases to Test

  • Start Firefox when option is disabled
  • Start firefox when option is enabled
  • Use multiple tab groups
  • Start firefox with app tabs
  • Load pages with form data
  • Restore with no network
  • Change options duing loading
  • Start Firefox with many tabs open
  • Multiple windows

Test Cases

  • The set of testcases can be found here

Important bugs

  • Implementation bug: 648683 - Expose tabs on-demand preference - VERIFIED FIXED
  • Other bugs:
    • 699223 - Change of "Don't load tabs until selected" pref is applied in the same session - NEW (normal)
    • 696106 - "Don't load tabs until selected" pref is applied for all startup options at restart - NEW (minor)

Sign Off Criteria

  • No major/critical bugs open
  • Test run coverage: 100%


  • Signed off on Firefox 8.0 beta 6 (build ID: 20111031184046)