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People Search

Feature Status Dev Lead QA Lead Status
People Search Landed in Firefox 8 Chris Lee Ioana Budnar Signed off


  • Users can now search for people by using the Twitter search engine in the Firefox navigation bar.
  • The results list generated by the Twitter search engine should be the same as if the user were searching on http://www.twitter.com
  • This feature is available starting with Firefox 8.


  • Feature wiki page - Link

Use Cases to Test

Basic Functional Testing
  • Search for people (@name)
  • Search for hash-tagged topics (#topic)
  • Search for topics in general (any keywords)
  • Upgrade Firefox older than 8.0 to the latest Firefox version
  • Remove the Twitter search engine from Firefox
Edge Cases
  • Search without entering a keyword
  • Search with a long keyword
  • Restart Firefox while performing a search
  • Perform consecutive searches without waiting for the previous search to end
  • Perform consecutive searches using different types of keywords
  • Perform the same search multiple times
  • Change the search engine while performing a search
  • Add the Twitter search engine to Firefox by restoring the default engines list
  • Upgrade Firefox older than 8.0 with the Twitter address bar search add-on to the latest Firefox version
  • Upgrade Firefox after removing the Twitter search engine

Test Cases

  • Test cases for this feature can be viewed here. Both new test cases and tests cases already in Litmus are included.

Important Bugs

  • Bug 671307 - Add Twitter to the default search plugins (en-US only)
  • Bug 690658 - Duplicate twitter search engine listed in search bar

Not Tested

  • Other search engines.
  • twitter.com specifics (e.g. how old the found tweets are, tweet components etc).

Sign off Criteria

  • All test cases were run on the Firefox version the feature is targeted for (Firefox 8.0).
  • All the major bugs have been fixed.


  • Signed off on Firefox 8.0 beta 6 (build ID: 20111031184046).
  • Bugs still open list.