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In-content UI Visual Unification
Stage Development
Status In progress
Release target `
Health OK
Status note Initial work done & landed, in process of getting reviews and converting additional pages. The feature here is to create a unified template so that future pages (add-ons, permission, etc.) have a consistent look and feel.


Product manager Asa Dotzler
Directly Responsible Individual Blair McBride
Lead engineer Blair McBride
Security lead `
Privacy lead `
Localization lead `
Accessibility lead `
QA lead Ioana Budnar
UX lead Stephen Horlander
Product marketing lead `
Operations lead `
Additional members `

Open issues/risks


Stage 1: Definition

1. Feature overview

Do preparation work for having new in-content UI have a consistent and unified visual appearance.

2. Users & use cases

Quoting from shorlander's blog post: "The goal is to create something that looks appealing, connects the variety of different types of UI, is recognizably in-content UI and can be styled per platform."

This feature falls primarily in the Experience category (from the "Discover, Experience, and Connect" vision statement.)

3. Dependencies


4. Requirements

Relevant in-content UI is able to use the shared resources to look consistent with other in-content UI.


  • Implement other UI as in-content UI, such as preferences (long-term goal, separate project)

Stage 2: Design

5. Functional specification


6. User experience design

Stage 3: Planning

7. Implementation plan


8. Reviews

Security review


Privacy review


Localization review




Quality Assurance review

Breadcrumb trail should be fully testable via browser-mochitests. Visual styling can't be automatically tested, unless we get UI reftests.

Operations review


Stage 4: Development

9. Implementation

Related Bugs

  • bug 658431 - Move generic page styling into separate stylesheet for reuse in other in-content UIs
  • bug 658530 - Update about:permissions style to use common in-content page styles
  • bug 660726 - Implement breadcrumb trail for in-content UI

Next Steps & Open Issues

  • Basic visual look
    • Split out relevant styles from addons manager themes
    • Adapt about:permissions to use new shared styles
  • Breadcrumbs
    • Implement breadcrumbs in a way they can be used in any in-content page
    • Integrate into about:addons
    • Integrate into about:permissions
    • Investigate which other existing pages should have a breadcrumb trail, and integrate into those
      • Should error pages have a breadcrumb trail?

Stage 5: Release

10. Landing criteria


Feature details

Priority P3
Rank 999
Theme / Goal `
Roadmap Firefox Desktop
Secondary roadmap `
Feature list Desktop
Project `
Engineering team Desktop front-end

Team status notes

  status notes
Products ` `
Engineering ` `
Security sec-review-complete Notes
Privacy ` `
Localization ` `
Accessibility ` `
Quality assurance active Test Plan
User experience ` `
Product marketing ` `
Operations ` `