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Please do not add Features directly to this list.
If you have a feature you would like to propose for this list, please add it to the Features Inbox.
A team triages that list regularly and will handle adding to and prioritizing this list. Thanks!

Features that belong to a team other than Firefox, Platform, Mobile, or Services. If you have any questions, please contact Deb.


Roadmap Team Feature Rank Owner
Plugins WebDev Expand plugins.mozilla.org app to serve PFS, AOM, and plugincheck P1 Kev Needham
Web Apps AMO Apps hosted on AMO P2 Ragavan Srinivasan
Plugins WebDev Split plugincheck from mozilla.com to plugincheck.com/org/net P3 Kev Needham


Roadmap Team Feature Rank Owner
Plugins L10n Localize plugincheck website P1 Kev Needham