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{{FeaturePageBody |Feature overview=The Plugin Database (plugin.mozilla.org)is used to provide the information that the Mozilla Plugincheck need. The Mozilla Plugin Check page is a general tool for keeping web browser plugins up to date. So its a very vital part to keep Internet Users secure on the web. Because of some limitations its sometimes very hard to keep the plugin directory up to date and this feature page is to add/update parts on plugin.mozilla.org to make it easier and faster to update the plugin database and so plugincheck. |Feature users and use cases=plugin.mozilla.org is used by me and Kev to update latest Plugin information for the plugincheck http://www.mozilla.com/plugincheck |Feature dependencies=this feature depend on the following bugs:

bug 680386)) - os_name name description should be contain some examples
  • bug 701349 - plugins.mozilla.org stage and production syncronisation


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