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Android Copy and Paste - Content Text Selection

Features Status Dev Lead QA Lead Status
Android Copy and Paste - Content Text Selection Landed, followup bugs filed Mark Finkle Aaron Train Development in Progress


As part of the native mobile and tablet Android experience, this feature provides the ability for the user to select text in content (website) space by accessing and manipulating handles in order to select text at ones will.


Developer documentation and reference material as related to this feature may be viewed here.

Implementation and Tracking Bug

bug 661388 - Support selecting text in content
bug 659022 - Implement copy from content

Use Cases to Test

Note: This test outline consists of a check-list of all possible conditions to consider for testing.

Release Criteria
The in content text selection feature must exhibit and execute the following functionality successfully
  • Basic Implementation
    • Simple Text Selection
      • Verify single tap and hold on a word or character should present the selection handles and select the character or word by highlight
      • Verify that Pressing on a word enters a free-selection mode — the user can adjust the selection area as needed by dragging a set of bounding arrows to new positions, then copy the bounded area by pressing anywhere in the selection area
      • Verify that tapping on any of the users selection will copy the contents to clipboard — the user should be alerted via toaster notification
    • Adjusting Text Selection Handles
      • Verify that both the left and right handles are adjustable to tweak the bounding handles to new positions

Test Cases

Note: Test cases for this feature consist of manual basic functional and smoke test driven test cases on Litmus

  • #22927 - Verify one touch word selection
  • #22928 - Verify multiple word text selection
  • #22929 - Verify copied text content


bug 666915 - No automatic scrolling when selecting text that exceeds viewport
bug 666917 - Selection markers set outside of viewport when clicking on the very right of large list
bug 666977 - Panning/scrolling or rotation breaks text selection in progress
bug 667046 - Text selection on draggable object will end up highlighting text body if the highlight exceeds the div boundaries
bug 667062 - Content text selection highlight should match Gingerbread theming style
bug 667066 - Swap pointers in text selection when right pointer is raised to a higher point then the left pointer
bug 667067 - Moving the left hand marker slightly up will end up highlighting things below the word.
bug 667069 - Text selection ui for tablets
bug 667071 - Limit or confine active text selection to text only
bug 667243 - Platform support for selecting text at a point
bug 667571 - Selecting the right word can be hard.
bug 667982 - Confine selection handles to content
bug 667983 - Test Pilot chrome page won't allow panning
bug 667986 - On 2nd text select sometimes the selection tool is offset
bug 667993 - Advance opposite selection handle along horizontal axis when selection handles touch
bug 670222 - Accidental text selection
bug 672718 - Cannot select and copy text from about: pages
bug 673037 - No selection handles when trying to select text inside iframe  
bug 673297 - Text selection arrows are not native  
bug 674405 - Text selection of zoomed text shows the tabs bar  
bug 674515 - Long tapping on a select triggers selection  
bug 674531 - Text outside of p, div, li, pre, hx or td's are not selectable it seems  
bug 668017 - Context menus on objects are lost with content selection
bug 669816 - Text selection triggers onclick event
bug 668228 - Moving text selection selector onto an input field results in softkb popping up
bug 668790 - Toaster notification is not center aligned when visible during a swap of device orientation