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High-quality image scaling

Features Status Dev Lead QA Lead Status
High-quality image scaling Landed Matt Brubeck Andreea Pod Complete


This feature is about switching to high-quality image scaling while balancing the impact on page rendering speed.


Developer documentation and reference material as related to this feature may be viewed here

Implementation and Tracking Bug

bug 669851 - Don't use nearest-neighbour filtering when neon isn't available
bug 598736 - Use higher-quality image interpolation on mobile

Use Cases to Test

  • Zoomed text and images on pages should look smooth

Test Cases

Text images

    Steps to perform
  • Open a new tab and go to https://www.xkcd.com/
  • Zoom in the page and look at the pictures
    Expected results
  • Images should not be jagged and pixelated when zoomed in or out
Fig.1: Before
Fig.1: After

  • Please open the screenshots to see the difference better.