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Master Password support

Feature Status Dev Lead QA Lead Status
Master Password added to Firefox for Android Landed Alex Pakhotin Ioana Chiorean Testing in progress



Use Cases to Test

Note: This test outline will consist of a brain storm and checklist of all possible conditions to consider for testing

Basic Functional Testing
Smoke Tests
Edge Cases
Release Criteria

Test Cases


Implementation - both front-end and back-end bugs
  • bug 697980 - Master Password confirmation is not requested when a new credential is saved
  • bug 698396 - Sync is performed even if Master Password confirmation is canceled
  • bug 698368 - Sync is performed after Master Password popup is dismissed by just tapping the OK button
  • bug 697991 - Master Password popup is not triggered when a page with saved credentials is reloaded if Master Password confirmation was denied before
  • bug 698444 - Cancel button doesn't dismiss the Master Password popup, if it was already canceled before