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  • Build a Fennec Distribution Channel


  • Dev: Sept 9-16
    • l10n:
      • Sept 16, 17 - L10n QA and bug fixes
      • Sept 18 - Prepare the l10n-friendly version, last check
      • Sept 19-28 - localization of sites
  • Staged: Sept 28
  • Final launch: Oct 8-9

Important bugs

Desktop Requirements

Rewrite of: https://www-trunk.stage.mozilla.com/en-US/mobile/ SVN: http://viewvc.svn.mozilla.org/vc/projects/mozilla.com/trunk/en-US/mobile

Based on 9 PSDs found here: http://people.mozilla.org/~morgamic/fennec/


  • We want this site as integrated with the existing assets on mozilla.com as possible
  • Reusing existing styles definied in http://viewvc.svn.mozilla.org/vc/ projects/mozilla.com/trunk/style/tignish
  • Reusing images http://viewvc.svn.mozilla.org/vc/projects/mozilla.com/ trunk/img
  • When possible sprite small icons together
  • FPO images will be supplied when available.
  • Elements need to handle text expansion/shrinkage. This site will be localized into 30+ languages.
  • Pull text out of images where appropriate (e.g. decorative background, NOT screenshots)

Mobile Requirements

Requirements PDF: http://people.mozilla.org/~morgamic/fennec/FennecMobile_CR4_83109.pdf

  • Updated mobile pages attached.
  • Current pages at: https://www-trunk.stage.mozilla.com/en-US/m/
  • Slight layout tweaks with lots of copy changes. 10 pages total. Needs to support l10n and mobile browsers (Mobile IE, Opera Mobile and MIni). This means no fancy CSS.
  • Platform detection (WinMo & Maemo) will be needed.

Other Mozilla.com Requirements


  • add "Mobile" to drop-down in Product header (btw Fx and Tbird)
  • add "Mobile Support" to drop-down in Support header
  • add "Mobile Add-ons" to drop-down in Add-ons header (below "All Add-ons")


  • we need to create a new Mobile section, with the following links included (note: figuring out where to actually fit this in probably warrants some discussion):
    • Features
    • Customize
    • Synchronize
    • Develop for Mobile
    • Get Involved
    • Videos
    • FAQ
    • Release Notes
    • Mobile Support
    • Other Supported Platforms


  • put mobile promo where Tbird is now (put Tbird one where the Store promo is, remove Store promo)
    • visual: Firefox logo
    • header: Firefox for Mobile
    • text: You took back the Web. Now take it with you.
    • link: mozilla.com/mobile

Products page:

  • create new section for mobile between Firefox & Thunderbird
    • visual: Firefox logo
    • header: Firefox for Mobile
    • text: By adding Firefox to your mobile phone, you can access the same rich Web content and enjoy the same great Firefox features wherever you go. Learn more.
  • remove Fennec blurb on the right
  • change top Firefox section header to "Firefox for Desktop"

Firefox section:

  • add Mobile to right nav in place of Fastest Firefox link

Get Involved page:


  • change color of search box (to distinguish from desktop help page)
  • add link to desktop Fx support
  • add "Mobile Support" between Fx and Tbird Support in drop-down
  • text changes:
    • header: Mobile Help & Tutorials
    • Subhead: Have a questions about Firefox for mobile? Search our community-powered Knowledge Base for the answers you need.

Top-level Goals

  • Provide a way to download Fennec for Windows Mobile on a PC or Windows Mobile Device
    • Download Button
    • List devices supported below button
    • Two axes of compatibility:

Device Supported?
Platform Supported Yes No
Yes Show download button N/A
No Give option for download No download button
  • Provide Overview of Fennec
    • Pages:
      • Overview/Homepage
      • FAQ
      • Features
      • Customization
      • Requirements
      • For Developers
      • Vision of Fennec
      • Download
      • First Run
      • What's New/Updated
  • Send download URL to users' phone
    • Text box
      • SMS
      • Email
    • Thank you page (after submit)
    • Legal + Privacy Policy
  • Encourage Beta Testing and Feedback
    • Allow download if platform is supported
    • Tell someone else about Fennec via SMS/email
    • Feedback
      • Link to Bugzilla bug form for Fennec
      • IRC
      • High-level Feedback
        • Forums
        • Newsgroups
  • Track users who are interested in Platform support and periodic information
    • Mailing list for platform updates (Mailman mailing list)
    • Mobile Newsletter (general Fennec news)
  • Provide friendly messaging for non-supported platforms and devices
    • Funny sorry message instead of download button
  • Encourage Add-On development for Fennec
    • Developer resources
  • Encourage Add-On Customization
    • Customization page
    • Featured Add-ons