Feria de Ciencias Tecnología e Innovación de la UCEBOL

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Feria de Ciencias Tecnología e Innovación de la UCEBOL


The event will start on 2011/09/07 08:00:00 AM till 2011/09/09 04:00:00 PM.


Santa Cruz, Bolivia, LATAM


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It is estimated that 100-500 people will be at the event.


The Christian University of Bolivia (UCEBOL) is a private university that has a large number of students in the area of ​​information and systems. The university makes fairs, science, technology and innovation each year, calling for a lot of people in this 3-day fair. Mozilla Bolivia will attend a conference to promote the products of Mozilla, Mozilla Reps, Jetpack and localization of Mozilla products.

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Budget ticket : 681665
Swag ticket : 681655


Event Website : www.ucebol.edu.bo

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