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With the unfolding of the Arab Spring throughout the Middle East, the London Riots in the UK, and the Occupy Movement around the US, news consumers, journalists, and technologists saw the increasing reliance on real-time information streams to give readers access to every new update in a story. The popularity of live blogging makes it clear that this thirst for real time news can be dealt with using blocks of varied media from significant tweets through to live video feeds. However, the workflow for keeping up with the firehose while maintaining context and accuracy is in desperate need of a refresh.

Join Alastair Dant from the Guardian and Bilal Randeree from Al Jazeera in this design challenge.

Some areas to focus on:

SPECS: Can we create a standardized format to represent real-time episodic information?

TIMELINE UI: How do we present real-time info to the end user beyond the vertical strip and left/right scroller?

LINKS: Linking to a liveblog: How do you retain context and the stream?

COMMENTS: How do you integrate a comment stream into a live stream so that they correspond to a specific event?

ADAPTABLE CONTEXT: How do you create an adaptable presentation, that can move with a one-time event that turns into something longer-term?

THE CONTROL ROOM: Where do you focus "the camera" when you don't know where a story is going. And what is "the camera" anyway?

Skills Needed

UI/UX, Information Architects, Livebloggers, Data Wranglers, Designers, Social Media Theorists, dataviz, front-end developers

Post-Event Participation

to be determined


  1. mozrealtime

Relevant links

http://blogs.aljazeera.net/liveblog http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/blog/2011/aug/08/london-riots-third-night-live

EtherPad for the session to take notes and collaborate