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Interested in making a hackable comic book featuring superheroes of the open web? Or maybe an interactive story embedded with quests for webmakers? We want you to bring the spirit of the Hackasaurus design jam- online -- with a self-directed learning experience on www.hackasaurus.org. This is an opportunity to think creatively about how to teach HTML and CSS to middle school aged youth (10-15 year olds). We have designed a toolkit for Web designers and developers, that will give you all of the assets that you need to create an engaging online activity.

Skills Needed

teaching, html, css, front-end dev, back-end dev, illustration,

Post-Event Participation

5 things you can do now:

1. Build out the mozfest prototypes- (see our etherpad below)

2. Join our Google group (http://groups.google.com/group/hackasaurus?pli=1 )

3. Chat with us- on IRC: (irc.mozilla.org #hackasaurus) or on our weekly community calls (https://etherpad.mozilla.org/Hackasaurus-community )

4. Localize our tools and web content (see: https://wiki.mozilla.org/Hackasaurus/Localization )

5. Run a youth Hack jam (http://hackasaurus.org/en-US/events/)



Relevant links

Doctor Web

Hacker Battle

EtherPad for the session to take notes and collaborate